Bobby Deol has been a heartthrob amongst women ever since he started out but what’s commendable is the fact that he’s had such a transition now with OTT projects like Aashram, Class Of 83 and Love Hostel.

Ask the actor if he’s working harder at this point than he ever did and here’s what he says,

“Yes, for sure! I have seen failure and learnt a big lesson from that so I have to keep pushing myself, believing in my myself working hard so that every time something comes towards me I’m prepared and put my heart and soul to it. But it’s also got to do with the team you work with. For example, in Love Hostel, the whole team at Red Chillies, Dhrishyam Films are so passionate about making films. Also, a film can only work when every actor performs their best. That’s why people have enjoyed Love Hostel, because every actor performed like they were the character.”

The actor has also moved ahead with times and updated himself as per the needs of the audiences today. And that shows in the kind of work he is doing now. Enquire him about that and here’s what he confesses.

He says,

“I knew one thing for sure, if I get a good character, I know I can do my best. I went through a bad phase and the faith I have in me now is more than anything I’ve had before. Times have changed and the movies which the audiences like to watch have changed. It’s so difficult to get characters or films with what the audience wants now, like gritty dramas and scripts like Aashram which have so much depth in it. But it just happened. Also, we have to move with times but posting and interacting with people through social media but I’m still shy about and that. Eventually, things are on the right track now so I’m happy.”

I’m totally admiring this sort of honesty from the actor. Bobby’s upcoming projects include Animal alongside Ranbir Kapoor and Anil Kapoor apart from Apne 2.