The health of our hair has a direct impact on our appearance. Therefore it is important that in our day-to-day life we take good care of it. Now, contrary to common perception, changing and colouring hair is easy. The difficult part is to maintain the vitality and health of hair after colouring. So, we reached out to Clelia Cecilia Angelon, CEO & Founder of Surya Brasil, and asked her to share some expert tips for those who are set to don a new hair colour. Read on to know all that she shared!



1. The color you choose is very important. Don’t follow a trend, but choose a color you personally like. Always opt for natural ammonia-free colors, as they do not change the structure of the wires and don’t fade when shampooing. Check what the colour looks like when faded.

2. After colouring, remember to use conditioner after every wash. Conditioners help seal the cuticles, and further increase the durability and intensity of the colour. When hair turns grey, the cuticles tend to remain open and unguarded, thereby unable to retain moisture and minerals.

3. Always remember to moisturise your hair frequently, as maintaining moisture in strands and scalp helps in maintaining the nutrients in the hair. This ensures the colour appears bright and shiny while the softness of the hair is also retained.

4. Protect yourself from chlorine and give your hair a splash of fresh water before going to the pool. If possible, when getting out of the water, apply a hydrating mask made of vegetable ingredients.



1. Avoid the use of thermal sources such as styling brush, electric brush, plate or dryer. It is essential to avoid these…they may make your hair look tidy, but they are also responsible for dry hair and loss of colour.

2. You also need to avoid hot water at bath time as it opens hair cuticles, leaves them exposed to heat, and makes them susceptible to loss of color and hydration.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals and toxins; instead choose vegetable hair colours. Invest only in quality when it comes to hair care.  

4. Avoid direct exposure to the sun, and remember to use hats and caps when outside. Avoid excessive heat as it degrades the wires and strips hair of nutrition.

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