I recently watched SS Rajamouli‘s RRR in theatre and I couldn’t help but be mesmerised with the world that the filmmaker had created. The film is doing really well worldwide, but also in the Hindi circuit as well, but it isn’t the only film from down South that has found audience amongst here. A few months ago, even Allu Arjun‘s Pushpa: The Rise emerged a blockbuster and there is a lot of excitement around the release of Yash‘s K.G.F: Chapter 2 as well. While I have my own theory about this craze of South films in Hindi circuit, Salman Khan recently shared his opinion on the same too.

The actor was present at the press conference for IIFA Awards 2022 held today in the city. When the actor was asked about the recent success of RRR there, he opened up about why South films do so well.

He said,  

“They, and even us, have always believed in heroism. When you come out of a theatre, you need that. In our industry, apart from one or two people, we are not making heroism films. I have been doing that only, making larger-than-life films. But people have gotten cool nowadays, thinking this is all cliché, and these things don’t happen in reality. In today’s time, some people feel that India lies between Cuffe parade and Andheri, but I believe that beyond Cuffe Parade and Andheri is where the real India begins. My films are also made for those audience. When you exit the theatre after watching my film, you should have a message to take back and your blood flow should have increased.  ”

But the actor also acknowledges that heroism isn’t the only thing that can turn a film into a blockbuster on its own.

Salman asserts,

“With heroism, an emotional connect is also really necessary. This format has come from Saim-Javed only, the South has just taken it to the next level. There is a very different kind of films and heroism down South and it’s very nice. The writers there are very hard working and even the directors there make concept-based films.”

This is something I completely agree on with Salman that when I go to theatres, I do want to see heroism, as cinema is a way of escapism for me and I want to immerse myself in a world where things are larger-than-life. I am that kind of an audience. As for Salman’s foray down South, the actor will soon be seen in superstar Chiranjeevi‘s next, Godfather, in a special appearance and I am sure that he will get as much love there as he gets in Hindi films.