It is a known fact that one must not miss any meals during the day but we still end up missing the most important one due to several reasons. The most used one being, running late for work. Breakfast is one of the most important meals in a day which shouldn’t be missed at any cost. It is one meal that helps you sustain for the rest of your day. Although more often than not, I also end up skipping my breakfast but that’s when my mom walks in with her trusty two cents. As she says and I have come to believe and imbibe in my life, “It’s almost okay if you end up eating your lunch late or even end up skipping it for a light snack but if you start your day with a good breakfast, you’ll be good to go and it’ll keep you energised all day long!” Here are a few reasons why you must not skip breakfast at any cost.

1) It Helps Improve Metabolism

Eating your breakfast first thing boosts your metabolism. You consume most nutrients with a good and heavy breakfast. Studies show that consuming smaller and frequent meals during the day helps increase your metalbolism and you don’t starve yourself and end up consuming a big meal.

2) Boosts Energy

When you wake up in the morning, you are anyway famished and it doesn’t make sense to starve yourself for longer and then consume a big and heavy lunch. You need energy to keep yourself going through the morning and a good breakfast should do it for you.

3) Helps You Maintain Health

Eating a good breakfast ensures that you intake a good chunk of nutrients with one meal, take a small meal before lunch, so it helps you stay energised and in a way helps you consume balanced meals through the course of the day rather than having two big, heavy meals in unhealthy quantities. Consuming breakfast keeps a check on the calorie intake and keeps you full and helps you sustain for the day.

4) Improves Your Mood

When you wake up in the morning, if you’ve eaten your dinner on time, you’re likely to feel hungry and if you continue to stay hungry, it makes you irritable and snappy. Who wants to feel grumpy in the morning? Not you, for sure. If you’re worried about feeling extra stuffy, eat a light breakfast, drink something but don’t completely skip it.

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