Indians in a foreign land are honestly a stereotypical bunch. We’re all the same when it comes to converting the currency into rupees while shopping as well as asking for extra chilies and salt while eating. Significantly, trying to find the people of our motherland everywhere we travel and locate the best Indian food eateries in the neighborhood of our stay is a must, isn’t it? Viraj Ghelani‘s classic Reels from his recent trip to Europe are a testament to the same. Scroll your way through this accuracy now.

Not without the K3G theme music playing in the background!

1. Departure Scenes

It’s not just you Viraj, we are sure that all middle-class moms are the same. Indian children can’t dare to leave for any vacation or even a short trip out of your town without having a spoon of dahi for luck and tikka for nazar. On a side note, can we please borrow your super cool snacks studded jacket Viraj?

2. Indian Food FTW

Honestly, Indian food can easily be regarded as one of the best cuisines in the world. The absolutely wonderful amalgamation of spices and mouth-watering options to relish are too good to be ditched. Viraj’s dramatic K3G reference and finding a place that sells samosas in a foreign land is extremely relatable.  

3. Shopping Spree Shenanigans

The only acceptable way to shop for anything including groceries in a foreign land is to first estimate its price in Indian rupees, right? Once the calculations are done, one must swiftly place it down like Viraj and step out in pride ‘cuz it’s mostly a lot cheaper in India, haha.

4. Money’s Worth

Well, let’s face it, we’re all Vasooli Bhai from Golmaal when it comes to money, haha. Every penny we spend should provide a much-needed satisfaction with a tag of it being absolutely worth it. Viraj’s Reel is truly ‘fun-unlimited’ and we really relate to it to the tee.

5. India’s The Best

Simran’s bauji from DDLJ wouldn’t bet an eye in giving his daughter’s hand to Viraj based on all the pointers he has mentioned in this Reel. After all, he understands the significance of desh ki mitti ki khushboo like no other. Tbh, even we agree to it 100 percent.

6. Postcard From Vilayat

We would like to end this listicle with this smiling picture of Viraj straight from the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. ‘East or West, India is the best’, but are you even an Indian if you don’t post a picture from the streets of a foreign land? ‘Cause if it’s not on the ‘gram, it didn’t happen at all.  

These Reels are absolutely relatable and we can’t stop laughing at their accuracy. Self-deprecating humor at its best, wouldn’t you say? On another note, we hope that you’re vaccinated and staying safe.

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