If you’re one of those people who can never muster up the motivation to work out, are just not able to wake up early in the morning despite the numerous alarms, and can never find the time post work–then this one’s for you. All you need to do is find the right reasons to show up. It can be working out with a friend, changing exercises to avoid monotony, or something else that interests you.

Yes, not everyone is gifted athletically but the gym class is so much more than just for losing weight. One of the reasons we often don’t feel like working out is because we’re somehow pressed for time with never-ending obligations at work, at home, and with loved ones. As a result, we often neglect fitness and health, both mental and physical. So, we reached out to Robin Behl, Co-Founder of The Tribe, and asked him to share some expert tips for those who don’t enjoy working out. Robin says,

As someone trained in the Ido Portal Movement, a movement culture that takes a holistic approach towards human patterns and movements, my aim is simply to move. The beauty of a physical workout lies in the paradigm shift in physicality–the need to allow the body to move and that comes when you allow yourself the time to incorporate a fitness session in your day.

Squeeze in a killer workout in a matter of minutes with these tips at hand, as shared by Robin.


1. Take up a sport or martial arts–wherever your interests lie

To build up and condition yourself in the sport or art of your choice, you’ll have to add some strength and conditioning, mobility and endurance work in order to get better at performing it. This will give you more inclination and motivation to train better and train more keeping your health and fitness levels in check.

2. Try a quick HIIT or Tabata session

These range from strength, cardio, endurance, mobility, power and conditioning, keeping your health in check. HIIT is an excellent way to get your heart rate up, lose weight and stay in shape. One can switch up the routines of their HIIT sessions to break the monotony of the workout.

3. Start with some form of movement for 10 minutes a day

Once your body starts making more connections and you start feeling a rise in your energy level, it’ll make you want to train more and increase the intensity and complexity as you move along. Remember, showing up is the first and the most important aspect of creating any routine.

4. Try out dancing, cycling or swimming

These are certain sports which can be a great way to express and explore one’s self while simultaneously keeping active and healthy. Dancing is a great cardio workout, while cycling makes sure all your muscles work from head to toe. Swimming is again an excellent way to get your heart rate up and is especially refreshing in the warmer months. Some doctors even recommend swimming to their patients with certain back troubles, as it helps to heal it faster.

5. Understand the importance of movement

This comprehension will help you make the switch from “having to” to “wanting to”. Fitness today is not a choice, but a necessity. We all have highly sedentary jobs and lifestyles, which don’t allow us to move a lot during the day and by night-time we’re so tired, that all we do is Netflix and chill on the couch. Taking out that one hour everyday makes all the difference.


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