We love the fact Instagram always keeps launching and updating its features to stay true to its newer surroundings. The creator community is growing with big numbers every day and Instagram knows how to help them out as well. Coming to their announcement that they made yesterday, Instagram always tries to make the app more user-friendly. Hence, they refreshed a few key elements that represent their brand identity to celebrate the global community of creators on Instagram. YES, Instagram now has a new look and an interface as you must have seen above.

Scroll down to know the updates!

1. The logo

Have you noticed their new look yet? Well, the visual refresh talks about Instagram’s heritage, it’s putting creativity and expression first and are indirectly paving their way for continual evolution! Their mission was to create an immersive and inclusive experience for the audience, and we feel they’ve totally achieved it. The above new gradient is designed to feel illuminated, how cool right?

2. Custom Typeface

(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)

Meet Instagram Stans! The authority at Instagram worked with specialists around the world to establish a distinct approach to this and guess what, it was inspired by their logo. This feature is still rolling out in different countries across the globe. However, whenever it launches in India, all you have to do is open Instagram Reels or stories to use this feature. Yes, it’s that simple!

They’ve created a custom typeface, updated their gradient as well as color palette, and refined their approach to layout and design. So many changes and exciting things are in store for us that we love such surprises. To keep yourself updated with such features and to get more information on everything related to the Indian creator community follow @missmalinitrending.