Instagram is a platform where you can explore anything and everything when it comes to creating content. You might not know but it could eventually work out in your favor, right? Recently, we came across a few posts from Anisha Dixist‘s feed where she’s giving out a message to all her audience through her words. Yes, that’s possible too ‘cause it’s a form of content creation too. Scroll down to find out what we’re talking about here!

Words of Truth…

1. The RaLia Wedding

Going back to the month of April where everyone was super excited to know if Ranbir and Alia were really getting married or not. Whatsoever, the shaadi of the szn happened and their fans including us couldn’t just keep calm. Hence, Anisha’s hard-hitting message made so much sense.

2. IPL 2022

The amount of relatability we have with this particular post is unimaginable ‘cause we’re big IPL fans and moreover Mumbai Indians. Tbh, watching him take the trophy home for Gujarat is great but Team MI missed him and his foresight mind. Also, we love how Anisha’s outfit always matches her messages!

3. Choti Bacchi

This trend had spread on the ‘gram like a wildfire and still continues to do so. Deependra Singh the creator of this trend mimicked Tiger Shroff‘s dialogue and since then the memes that were made on his audio were hilarious. One such meme you see is right above where Anisha is straight-up talking facts. Why do people remove their DP’s when they’re sad! Why?

4. Summer Vibes

You can deny the fact that it’s just getting hotter day by day everywhere, especially in Mumbai. There isn’t a day we go without drinks that make us feel cooler like chaas, aamras atm, heheh, cold water, etc. Then comes people from that category who drink hot tea during this weather. We just wanna ask these people a question, how hot do you wanna feel, lol?

5. Posting Selfies

The new way of clicking selfies and showing your OOTD is through mirror selfies. While clicking the picture, half the face gets covered ‘cause of the camera’s angle. But, all you beautiful people as Anisha mentioned we wanna see your pretty faces and not just your phone.

6. Mother Earth

We love the fact Anisha is super-mindful about how she shares a message. If you notice she’s worn a green outfit which reflects the colour of mother earth. We have always been taught in school and by our parents to save the environment currently so the future generation isn’t deprived of what they have to offer to us. And we couldn’t agree more with her here. Take a step towards saving the planet.

These placard signs were super relatable to us and we hope it was for you as well. We have many more such signs awaiting our way so don’t forget to follow her to know what’s in store. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave trends, influencers and creators. Stay safe!