Okay, ladies, you gotta be honest with yourself and me here. How many times have you walked into the gym and pondered whether you should hit the weights section only to walk over to the cardio section? Too many times, no? The reason for this isn’t a secret, most women tend to associate lifting weights with manliness and bulking up. What if I tell you that all of that is a bunch of rubbish? 

While women tend to focus on activities like cardio, pilates and functional training more often, it’s high time we start dominating the weights section too. It’s not a surprise why the weights section of a commercial gym can tend to overwhelm an individual, especially a woman. Every corner is taken up by overzealous men who either stare you down or will defo try to school you on some exercise or another. Let’s also not forget how confusing a workout routine can be! However, all of these are minor challenges that any woman can overcome if she sets her mind to them. Take it from me, a self-proclaimed fitness nut who takes up a lot of space in the weight room.

Anaheez Patel, a popular fitness blogger tells us

Weight lifting for women goes beyond a lot more than just the visual aesthetics of it. In a society where we’ve been suppressed for far too long, it’s a great tool of empowerment. Apart from this, weight lifting does great things for your body. The most crucial advantage it possesses is how beneficial it is for your bone density. Weights help you maintain strong and healthy bones— something that’s extremely important as you get older. So it genuinely makes me feel so happy to see my female followers don their sports bras and head towards the weights section at the gym!

Helps Tone Your Body


Okay, whoever told you that cardio and ab exercises are the ONLY way to get your body in shape was certainly wrong. While any form of exercise and movement is great for getting you into shape, weight training is one of the best ways to get your body in the best shape of its life. Okay, you’re not going to get bulky at all. That’s just a massive misconception that’s been floating around. Women’s bodies tend to produce a lesser amount of testosterone, so unless you’re on an intense workout routine with a strict diet or taking steroids— you’re not going to bulk up. Instead, you’ll notice your body toning up and looking sexier than ever!

Improves Bone Density


Bone density refers to the amount of bone mineral that’s present in our bone tissue. Great bone density is necessary for ensuring good health and strong bones. Now women happen to be at a high risk of reduced bone density as they grow older, this happens because the hormone estrogen has reduced production over time. This leads to weaker bones. Regular weight training increases bone density, making your bones stronger. 

Gives You A Major Endorphin Boost


Okay, you know that feeling you get right after you find the perfect dress for that date? And just the right shade of lipstick to go with it? Well, post-workout clarity makes you feel way better than that. Every form of exercise has proven to increase levels of endorphins, thus making you feel so much better. And weight training is no less! Trust me, after every workout, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. When you feel better from the inside, you tend to exhibit that in your daily life. Now, who wouldn’t want their days to be structured and filled with joy?

Hey, Being Stronger Is Fun


Of all the reasons why you should be working out, that include a variety of physical and mental benefits, this happens to be my favourite one! A consistent weight-training program with a progressive weight overload (gradually increasing the weight you lift) will contribute to your body becoming stronger. And there is no feeling better than when you realise you’re a strong woman! Um, hey I can move sofas and beds all by myself. Pretty cool no? 

Boosts Your Metabolism Naturally 


To put it simply, metabolism refers to the calories burnt when we’re performing any sorta activity. Whether that’s working out, sitting or even just sleeping! Just like you tend to improve your strength with regular workouts, you also tend to improve your metabolism. Consistency in working out will ensure that you’re burning calories a lot faster. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

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