Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Today, the podcasting industry in India is booming and its growth and popularity are opening new opportunities for anyone who wants to start a podcast. Well, you know what, one such space where creators were given the training and motivation to start was the ‘Voice of Anchor’ competition conducted by Anchor – by Spotify and Winkl – A Good Creator Company.

The best part was that one needed no knowledge about podcasting to compete, just one’s creativity was enough, and what’s more exciting was the exclusive benefits that the participants got, for example, mentorship by the likes of Ranveer Allahbadia, Raj Shamani, Viraj Sheth, RJ Vashishth, Kandarp Relhan and Pavan Srinath along with access to experts from the Anchor India and global team. Plus the winner of the competition was given bumper rewards, such as a collaboration with Raj Shamani on their podcast, a subscription to Adobe Audition software, goodies worth Rs 15,000, and recording equipment from JBL Commercial

Sound’s interesting right? Well, read on to know more about India’s top 10 ‘Voice Of Anchor’ podcasters right away!

Here they are:

1. Taleha Khan IT Se Life Tak (#1)


RJ Taleha is an inspiration who has motivated us to never give up and to follow our dreams. She’s a podcast coach and host who introduced, ‘IT Se Life Tak‘ which is India’s first Hindi tech satire podcast. It talks about behind the scenes of how beautiful websites, bug-free apps, frameworks, and utilities make everyone’s life so simple just by a simple tap on the screen. If you are curious then you must follow her podcast. Moreover, she has been crowned as India’s First Voice of Anchor!

2. Riddhi DeorahPowerful Parent Podcast (#2)


Certified parenting and life coach who with the power of her voice and words help mothers feel confident, creative, and courageous. So, all moms including new moms and mommies-to-be out there, Riddhi Deorah’s podcast is definitely your one-stop destination to learn everything about the power of parenthood.

3. Dr. Amrita Basu – Doctor’s Creative Diary: Explore Creativity And Wellness (#3)


If you are a woman who likes art, books, nature, writing, and not just ‘DOES’ what people expect you to then you must listen to Dr. Amrita’s podcasts. We love how her podcasts navigate us between the real world and what one really wants to do. It’s super interesting and thoughtful. So, don’t forget to check it out!

4. Anudeep Badyal What’s On My Plate? (#4)


Are you a foodie? Are you a story listener? If the answer to both these questions is a big YES then food tech graduate, Anudeep and her podcast, ‘What’s on My Plate?‘, is defo your go-to! Well, we spend a lot of time thinking about food so why not understand it better! Anudeep’s podcast does exactly that as it comes from the mind of a foodie who not only loves FOOD but also its art and science as well. Brb, gonna binge eat and hear her podcast now!

5. Tushar Khatwani Let’s Talk With Tushar (#5)


As the name suggests, Tushar’s podcast is full of suspenseful conversation for the guest, audience, and host, where no one has any idea what will happen or what will be discussed but is super candid and unfiltered. Well, that’s what we exactly love about ‘Let’s Talk’. It totally takes one to a zone where they can express anything and everything without any judgments. So, if you are looking for some relatable and raw conversations then check out this podcast.

6. Abha JainExplore Beauty & Wellness With Abha (#6)


Being well can help you look beautiful and feeling beautiful can increase your overall wellness, don’t you agree? Abha a cosmetologist says, ‘Beauty & Wellness, both are two sides of the same coin’. And her podcast is all about feeling beautiful from both inside and out which is physical and mental wellness. So, go explore the same with ‘Explore Beauty & Wellness with Abha’ right away.

7. Diksha PatelMiss Binge Burrito (#7)


Diksha is a mass entertainer and her podcast is your one-stop destination for complete entertainment. If you don’t believe us then check it out for yourself ‘cause her podcast is full of delightful stories, romantic notes, moving music, intellectual books, and life in general. So, get ready to ‘Binge’ listen!

8. Deekshita VermaDee Talks (#8)


Dee Talks‘ is a very raw podcast of 25 episodes. It is generic but at the same time inclined toward topics that Deekshita a.k.a. Dee herself has experienced. In simple words ‘Dee Talks’ is a detox for Deekshita as well as for us and her listeners, hehe!

9. Anurag ManikThe Anurag Manik Show (#9)


His Podcast is all about speaking stories through his words. This show has hosted some of the leading Bollywood and T.V artists like Shruti Seth and Kunal Bakshi. Anurag Manik’s podcast is one of the popular podcasts that cater to the film industry. So, if you’re a Bollywood fan, check his podcast out asap.

10. Sindhu VinodnarayanHello Healthy Skin (#10)


Get ready to fall in love with your skin on a day-to-day basis, and say hello to healthy skin with Sindhu as her podcast will make you take out time for your skincare routine every day.

We are pretty sure by now you must be excited to start your own podcasting journey. Well, why wait when you can start today with just a smartphone and the Anchor app, keep creating and you will be a master podcaster in no time. Also, do let us know if you would like to participate in the next cohort of Voice of Anchor, write to us at voiceofanchor@winkl.co. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave podcasters, influencers and creators. Stay safe!