We hope everyone and their families are doing good in these uncertain times. It’s quite an overwhelming situation out there so we request y’all to stay safe and stay at home while we keep you entertained. We are aware of the fact that due to the ongoing pandemic everyone’s mental health is affected in different ways. Therefore, we bring to you 7 super talented creator podcasters who might help y’all bring peace and mindfulness in these difficult times. Also, you can find all these podcasts on either ‘Gaana‘ or the ‘Spotify App’. So let’s dive right in.

Here they are:

1. The Ranveer showRanveer Allahbadia

If y’all are looking for your daily dose of inspiration, then this is it! Ranveer a.k.a BeerBiceps has over 100 episodes, talking about various topics such as mental health, growth, spirituality, content creation as well as some fun episodes for a mood refresher. His podcasts add value to our lives in different ways, tbh there is a lot to take away from each and every episode of his show and apply it in our lives.

2. On purposeJay Shetty

Who isn’t a fan of Jay Shetty’s podcasts and motivational talks? His podcasts are about how it’s important to be positive and honest to ourselves. Not just that, but having the correct mindset, finding your inner confidence, and much more. His aim is to spread positivity and wisdom through the fascinating conversations he has with some insightful guests from all over the world. Not to forget, ‘On Purpose‘ has been nominated for a Webby Award and we are super proud of him. Lately, he has come up with his new audiobook as well called ‘Think Like a Monk‘ which talks about how to train your mind for peace and purpose every day, y’all should totally check this one out as well.

3. What’s up sister Deeksha & Kritika Khurana

What’s up? So, this sister duo recently started their podcasting journey. Honestly, this one’s a mood lightener for sure! In the last few episodes, they have spoken about their relationships, their journey of becoming fashion bloggers, their bond as sisters, and much more. In a nutshell, they talk about all things in life and give us a weekly dose of girl talk every Monday. So, don’t forget to check out the coming week’s pep-talk.

4. No sugarcoatPooja Dhingra

Let’s talk about business and entrepreneurship in the millennial era. Pooja is a pastry chef and the owner of the famous dessert shop in Mumbai ‘Le 15 Patisserie‘. Her struggle to build her own business has been quite challenging due to the ongoing pandemic but yet a great success. Well, that’s what her podcast is all about, she invites insightful entrepreneurs from various industries to know more about their journey, find parallels as well as learn from them.

5. Advertising is deadVarun Duggirala

Varun is the co-founder and the Content Chief of an advertising and marketing agency ‘The Glitch‘. His podcast talks about how advertising is not as bad as everyone makes it look, in fact, it’s the core aspect of any business. He talks about the developments that have taken place in advertising, branding, content creation, media, and many such spaces. He has invited some very insightful entrepreneurs on his podcast and had conversations about the present as well as the future of the advertising industry. Also, he has over 100 episodes and we feel y’all should defo check it out for some great perspective and advice.

6. Maha BharatDhruv Rathee

We, feel it’s important for each and every citizen of India to know, how the government and the country in general functions. In his podcast, Dhruv talks about the reality behind how things in India actually work. He has got it all covered whether it’s the banking system, budgets, culture or parliament. All of this is informative as well as educative. One can gain immense knowledge just by hearing him out and it’s just amazing to find everything under one roof.

7. Sadhguru

Sadhguru is a yogi, profound mystic, a visionary humanitarian, and a prominent spiritual leader. His podcast is mainly about building self-confidence and self-esteem while keeping our morale high. The other side of this podcast is a gentle reminder that the inner sciences are not just philosophies but a new-era science that is relevant to our times. The best part about his podcasts is that they are short, so if you take a small break from your daily routine and want some mindfulness, this is the podcast you should hear.

Well, that was it, hope these podcasters uplifted your mood and gave you the strength and a distraction against everything that’s happening around us. Also, tell us which one did you enjoy the most in the comments below. And lastly, if you’re 18+ please get yourself registered for the COVID-19 vaccine. Stay home, stay safe.