Instagram has given us the joy of visually watching so many forms of art. And what has given it an extra push is Reels and now even the collab feature. Dancing gives us some different form of satisfaction only! Although we’re not pros we love how calm it makes us. There are different forms of dancing as well but we’re big fans of Shazeb Sheikh‘s dance form. It’s as smooth as butter and we can’t ever stop watching his Reels on loop. Scroll down to check who all did he collab with for his dance routines.

Check out his smooth choreographies…

1. With Sanya Malhotra

Okay, we have to say this Reel is a super-duper hit one ‘cause back then it got viral! We didn’t know Nife‘s choreography and @oyeankit‘s syncing could bring out such an amazing Reel for us to watch. Raise your hands if you too think that their moves were super smooth! Now, we just want a step-by-step tutorial of this ‘cause it’s too gripping to not hop onto it.

2. With Radhika Madan

Shazeb spoke about Radhika’s hand moments in this particular Reel which undoubtedly is amazing but so is his. And those pauses in the middle of this routine were damn cool to look at. We can’t stop ourselves from saying that this choreography is a ‘chaand ka tukda‘ for us.

3. With Fatima Sana Shaikh

Do you guys remember the #DontRushChallenge? If not then this Reel will remind you all about it. We love how they’re twinning and twerking their way through this trend. They absolutely didn’t ‘rush’ while dancing to this peppy song! Also, we feel he should end all his Reels the way he did out here, hehe. You have to wait till the end to watch it tho.

4. With Ankush Bahuguna

This is one of our favs from the number of Reels the two of them have created together. This 20th-century song with their 21st-century upbeat steps is a perfect combination of a phenomenal Reel. The choreography is also so fine-tuned to the lyrics of the song. All in all, according to us it’s a ‘dassu‘ performance.

5. With Neel Sakekar

This song as all of us know has taken over the ‘gram like a wildfire and they too couldn’t stop themselves from jumping on the viral audio. Shazeb created a beautiful choreo on ‘Jhoom‘ by Ali Zafar which was then danced by him and Neil. We feel, his choreography always has something special to give away like for example, in this one the steps on the chorus part were so beautiful.

6. With Yuvraj Dua

Okay, let us tell you that guys in printed shirts look 10x nicer than in normal and these two are looking way beyond nice! This was honestly a ‘chumeshwari‘ performance ‘cause with the ease they made this routine look is just so amazingggg. Also, you have to wait till the end to witness how Yuvraj thanks Shazeb for this collab.

7. With Alisha Singh

Alisha being a dancer killed this routine with Shazeb. We love how they’ve matched the rhythm of the song with their steps. Their expressions are also right on point! Is there anything about this Reel that’s not ‘faadu‘?

Now we’re just out of words to prove the fact that Shazeb is a fab dancer and choreographer. There are many more soulful and butter-like routines on his profile so, don’t forget to check them out. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave trends, influencers and creators. Stay safe!