Best friends are like soulmates in our lives. They’re always there to hear us, give advice (which we never end up using, haha), make us do random things just for fun and so much more! Similarly, a bond that we really adorable and love is that of Shruti Sinha and Mohit Hiranandani. We keep watching their Reels and stories and it’s just filled with so much entertainment, candidness and laughter. You should totally check out Shruti’s vlogs on her YouTube channel if you wanna witness what real friendship is! For now, scroll down to watch their fun Reels together.

Together her forever we’re Linda And Heather, best friends!

1. Each other’s cheerleader

Tbh, this is how all friendships should be in general. They should hype each other to be their best versions. We love how Mohit is motivating her to ‘put on a cute outfit and walk the ramp’. What’s even more amazing to watch is him cheering and clapping for his BFF, Shruti! If your friends boost or hype you up like this, keep them forever no matter what.

2. Poo to her Rohan

If you guys don’t know let us tell you, Shruti is one of the biggest fans of K3G and especially Poo. And this is a perfect recreation of this song. Watching them dance in almost the same attire as Kareena and Hrithik in the movie is just so cool and fascinating. Also, we just can’t get over their moves.

3. Nachle Ve with her BFF

Okay so, both of them love 90’s and 20’s songs ‘cause come on they’re OG and who wouldn’t shake a leg on them? The shimmy that they began with, just inclined us more towards watching the entire Reel. The best part was when they danced on the chorus of this song with the same amount of synergy.

4. True conversation between two BFFS

This scene depicts exactly what we mentioned earlier about not listening to our friend’s advice even after asking them to advise us, haha. It’s in our blood to do the exact opposite of what our BFF’s ask us to do. Coming to this Reel, every time we try to escape from a party our friends force us to stay back but in the end, all of us know who wins.

5. Nach Punjaabban

This song has taken over the ‘gram like a wildfire and watching them dance on the hook step has burned the dance floor. They took over the streets to hop on this dance bandwagon and as usual, it’s a phenomenal one. Watching the two of them dance together on this number makes us wanna make Reels too. Brb, calling our friends to jump on this dance trend asap!

6. Deewana, Dewaani

If this Reel doesn’t sum up their friendship, then we don’t know what would. It’s an actual representation of how friendships should be a little annoying but full of love, right? We loved how this entire Reel was conceptualized as it was filled with emotions. Our fave part was when they ran towards each other in slow-mo and the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai signature BFF handshake.

From Splitsvilla to today they have been BFFs and we would personally want a friendship like theirs. They’re legit #Goals and we hope they continue to love, prank, annoy, and advice (lol) each other every single day of their lives. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, trends and creators. Stay safe!