Content could be in the form of food, dance, music, poetry, etc and we’re all eyes for it. We love the fact that content creators are exploring newer forms of content to increase their experience and surprise their audience both at the same time. Speaking of exploring, the very famous content creator, Manav Chabbra a.k.a. MNV is setting the bar higher each day with his amazing self. Be it singing, acting, dancing, or even rapping he is truly the king of all trades and our hearts. Very recently, he dropped his first solo rap named R.O.T.Y (Rookie Of The Year) on his second YouTube channel, MNV TV and we couldn’t believe our eyes, it was just too damn good! Find out more about his song right below.

Sher aya Sher!

He raps about his twist and turned-filled journey to stardom in the rawest and unfiltered way with loads of emotions attached to it. What makes this song even more unique and personalized to him is that he was the composer, singer and lyricist of this rap. For a fact he wrote, recorded and shot this within a span of 24 hours and the outcome in such a short duration is just WOW! He was challenged to create something in a day’s time and he accepted the challenge in the most Manav Chabbra style, wouldn’t you agree too?

Talking about the solo, Manav says

This single is very special to me for a lot of reasons. It’s a gift to all my fans that have been with me through thick and thin, it was also quite an adventure to craft the whole piece in just one day. I’m really excited for people to see this labour of love.

We got a chance to ask him about his new release and this is what he had to say…

How does it feel to release your first ever solo rap song?

Creating content has been something that is very close to my heart. Every content piece I create is a part of myself that I put out there and this rap song is one such crucial piece that I’ve shared with my audience. The feeling of creating my first solo rap song is surreal and unlike anything I’ve done before.

How did you manage to write, record and shoot all of it in 24 hours?

I was challenged to create this song in all its entirety in 24 hours! So, though it was a challenging task, I was determined to accomplish it. I’m thankful to the team that helped me put everything together in the limited time we had.

What made you name the song as Rookie Of The Year?

Rookie of the Year is a song dedicated to all those people who think they are the underdogs, this song is for you to understand your potential and grow to unimaginable heights!

As you mentioned, this one is for your FAM. So, what’s that one message you’d like to give them?

This rap was curated specially to appreciate all my followers. This one was for the FAM! There’s just one small message I’d like to give them. This song is all about the journey from struggles to success, and I hope it motivates you to do great things, just as your support motivated me to create this.

His aim has always been to entertain his audience with the best content possible from vlogs to challenges to songs, all of it. Manav’s charm is getting him super close to 2 million followers on Instagram and we’re super proud of how far he has come. And can’t wait for him to endeavour newer things in life ‘cause skies not even the limit for him.

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