Well, we have noticed that long working hours, continuous exposure to the computer screen, life problems and many more such reasons all give us stress in some way or the other. But what one needs to know is how to combat these thoughts and reduce the amount of stress. Tbh, it’s a feeling that will never go away from anyone’s life but what we can do is find ways to reduce or minimize it. Hence today, on the occasion of #InternationalYogaDay here are a few yoga creators that we feel you should totally follow to get your daily dose of mental peace and wellness. Find out who they are right below!

Take a deep breath before you scroll down!

1. Deanne Panday


Deanne Panday’s feel-good feed is about everything wellness. She shares her first-hand experience when it comes to human health. She just doesn’t inform but also motivates and gives the correct nutrition habits one should follow for a healthy lifestyle. Her signature moves are our favourite to watch as each of them are super unique and easy to follow. Check it out for yourself if you haven’t yet.

2. Radhika Bose


Radhika’s feed is literally a guide to better your mental as well as physical health. She has solutions as well as explanations as to why you should do what you do. From full-body workouts to yoga asanas she has everything related to fitness to tell us. So, if you’re planning to get stronger and live a happy lifestyle then check her page on Instagram cause we bet it will help you in some way or the other.

3. Diya


Diya is a yoga instructor and she teaches different forms of yoga such as prenatal, tight shoulders, full-body yoga and much more. If you’re a beginner who is looking for a few asanas to just begin workout at home then you should totally check out her feed because she’s given a step-by-step guide to performing them in the rawest form.

4. Shynee Narang


Shynee is a fitness content creator and a certified yoga instructor whose feed is about everything informative. She has shown how each asana helps you and how. Also, she has a highlight of FAQ’s and honestly, she busted so many myths and gave us the true facts. We feel you should definitely check her tutorials to learn the crux of yoga.

5. Shikha Mehra


What better way to know more about yoga than from a nutritionist and wellness coach? Her feed will definitely give you the daily dose of positivity and motivation to get through your day. What’s interesting is the fact that watching her Reels will totally give you a feeling of calmness! Check her profile to practice yoga even when you’re busy ‘cause it’s the need of the hour.

6. Mihir Jogh


Mihir’s content is just so soothing to watch as it’s all in the hills and that’s the best place to get the apt representation of peacefulness, right? We love how his Reels make us perform yoga asanas while sitting wherever we are. For example, we came across a Reel where he asked us to take 3 deep breaths and we actually did it as well. All thanks to him!

Wishing everyone a very happy International Yoga Day. We and we hope you too will always and forever be grateful to the ancient and truly unparalleled form of wellness. Please take a step towards a better lifestyle for your calmness. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, trends and creators. Stay safe!