Sustainability as a factor seems to be at the forefront of the beauty industry these last few years, and rightfully so. With the adverse effects of climate change worsening every day, it’s no secret that the beauty industry contributes to this in more ways than one. From plastic packaging that takes centuries to decompose to toxic formulas that are detrimental to the environment and us too— it’s a long list! Now more than ever, the average beauty consumer isn’t oblivious to all of this. We’re making conscious efforts to try and do our part in protecting the planet and not just on World Environment Day, however small those efforts may be. Sustainable beauty isn’t just a gimmick anymore.

Now, we get that making a drastic shift to using only sustainable brands can be difficult and overwhelming too. That’s why you must always take baby steps! NGL, I’m still struggling to be a completely climate-conscious beauty consumer. No one’s saying you have to stop using your existing beauty products that you’re so comfortable using. However, what you could do is slowly incorporate products from beauty brands that are actively taking steps to be sustainable, even tiny ones. I’ve slowly begun doing that and hey, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be! Here are a few brands that will make your switch to sustainability so much easier.


While L’Occitane may be known for its luxurious skincare products that range from decadent shower gels to their iconic Immortelle Reset serum, did you also know that it contributes to making the environment a better place with its Big Little Things recycling program? This program is created to make consumers shop for refills of their favourite L’Occitane products rather than purchasing a whole new product entirely. This saves up to almost 80% of the plastic utilised in packaging.

The Body Shop

It’s no secret that The Body Shop has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement for a while now. Embodying the concept of being eco-friendly, this brand strives to protect the environment at every step of the way. Right from their product formulations which are created to be biodegradable, with minimal water footprint and using ingredients that have green chemistry to in-store recycling— yep, they’re doing it all!

The Switch Fix

The Switch Fix was created keeping in mind that the planet we’ve been inhabiting for centuries, needs some TLC too! As a beauty consumer, one shouldn’t have to choose between wanting to take care of themselves and wanting to care more about the planet and our environment. Plastic-free packaging is an absolute dream, isn’t it? Most of our beauty products come packaged in materials that will take centuries to decompose, but not products from The Switch Fix. All of their products have plastic-free packaging and are formulated using ingredients that are plant-based entirely!

Juice Beauty

Eco-friendly skincare is no longer just a marketing gimmick anymore, amirite? Juice Beauty is a brand that holistically believes in the farm-to-beauty concept. So naturally, all of their ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. Their formulations are kind to coral reefs and wildlife, created using PHYTO-PIGMENTS which are naturally-derived components free of synthetic chemicals and dyes. High-performance makeup and skincare also protect the environment? Sign us up!

Ruby’s Organics

Created by a beauty enthusiast who was frustrated by the non-availability of makeup that wasn’t toxic but kinder to the environment, Ruby’s Organics will always have a really special place in my heart. They do a wonderful job at giving you beauty products which are clean, purposeful and created using plant-based ingredients. Think of skincare-infused makeup, yup that’s exactly what got me on board. What’s even better is that every single ingredient which is utilised in the creation of their products is 100% ethically sourced. 


weDo/Professional is an eco-ethical haircare brand that was created under Wella Professional. They champion the cause of sustainability and conscious living with sustainable packaging, quality of the ingredients used and contributing to the eradication of plastic waste. Only using natural-origin ingredients that range from murumuru to argan oil and macadamia, weDo/Professional is giving it its all.

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