It’s always a proud feeling when you represent your nation anywhere in the world. It gives you a feeling of pride and a few creators have managed to do the same with their talented self and amazing work. Yes, the below creators represented India on behalf of Meta at the VidCon 2022 event.

What’s the VidCon event all about?

VidCon event is where the world’s leading digital creators, platform innovators and their fans meet, greet and converse under one roof. There were millions of people making, watching, promoting and creating the future of online video content there. It’s basically digital media but in real life. It’s legit a place to experience online magic with creators, fans and brands all in one place. This year the event took place on the 25th of June in Los Angeles at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The creators that represented India are…

1. Aashna Hegde

Aashna Hegde is the queen of fashion and content creation and when we got to know about her representing India we were super proud of her. She has posted a few vlogs as well on her YouTube channel talking about her experience and we feel you should totally check it out to know more about the entire event.

2. Radhika Bangia

Radhika Bangia too represented India and the above picture is from the welcome dinner party at VidCon. Honestly, it looks like one hell of an experience. She interacted and conversed with so many creators all around the globe which gave her quite a few insights too about the community.

3. Slayy Point

Gautami Kawale and Abhyudaya Mohan were invited for a talk at this summit and it’s such a huge thing to give a speech among some amazing global creators. We’re super proud of them for making us and all the Indians out here proud of their nation. Talking about their experience…

Gautami said,

VidCon was an enlightening experience for us to be co-panelled with Gina Shalavi – Global Head of Top Creator Programs for YouTube Marketing, and fellow creators Mark Vins and Jina Kim. It was a moment of pride for us to represent India at a global level as we were the first and only Indian creators to be invited to speak at VidCon!There is a huge possibility that the creator economy will grow and remain for some time to come! Also, the NASA representative in the audience asked us questions about YouTube and offered to collaborate! We’re still stunned!

Abhyudaya said,

Having a space built just for creators gave us the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and valued for the first time in our lives. There was a sense of respect. We finally felt like someone understood us, we felt like we belonged!

Gautami further added,

There were so many eager fans who had purchased tickets to see their favourite creators across platforms all over the world. They bought so much merch and supported their favourite creators wholeheartedly which was touching to see.

VidCon was an event that was held on such a large event and we can’t wait for all of them to share everything they’ve learnt at the summit with us. Btw, Mr. Beast, SMOSH, Rebecca Black, etc were some internationally acclaimed creators who graced the occasion with their presence. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, trends and creators. Stay safe!