I like how Ananya Birla manages to catch the pulse of her audience. Her soulful compositions have fascinated me a lot many times. In fact, her last single Beymaniaan where she collaborated with rapper Ikka was quite a chartbuster. And now, her new song Teri Meri Kahani comes as another gem. I can easily call it the wedding song of this season.  This one is surely going be a part of all the wedding videos we see hereon and you will agree once you see it.

Watch the song here:

Here are the three things that I liked about this song:

  1. The track is an instant mood changer

The theme of the track revolves around a wedding. As soon as the video began, I was unable to take my eyes off the singer. Her jovial nature and her sense of humour made me smile. I found it funny when she tells her friend about preparing for a wedding but being clueless about the guy at the same time. No matter how your day is, if you watch the song, you will feel good. 

  1. The soothing vocals

One of the most notable things about the track is the voice of Ananya. I love the way she sings the low and high notes. The tempo of the track made me tap my feet every time she sang the hook line. I must say Kunaal Vermaa has penned down thoughtful lines and at the same time Rahul Sathu’s composition is hummable.

  1.  The song is a visual treat

While I was watching the video, the moments took me to an actual wedding. The costumes, the set-up, everything reminded me of a lavish shaadi. The garlands, costumes, jewellery, dancing, haldi ceremony, cake cutting, bidai, pheere, everything was perfectly placed in the song. Another aspect of the song that I liked was its simple choreography. 

I must say Teri Meri Kahani has turned out to be the wedding song of this season. Now, I can’t wait to hear another song from Ananya