Have you ever had that out of body experience, where you feel why is it that things are not under you control. How is it that your mind is asking you to stop, but your body cannot resist it?

Well, Binge eating is a lot similar to this. We sat down with Kajal Wattamwar and Bushra Qureshi, Dieticians and Co-founder of Healthy Steady Go to discuss the problem with Binge Eating and how you get to it in the first place.

Kajal Wattamwar and Bushra Qureshi, Dieticians and Co-founder of Healthy Steady Go

Bad thing here is obviously you gaining weight or other health concerns.

However, the good thing is that this very well manageable if you apply the correct strategy, and to do that you need to first understand what are your triggers for binge eating & then work on it !

Here are few reasons why you may be Binge Eating:

Low Water Intake

Most people just don’t drink enough water !

Either because of the laziness to visit the washroom often, or just because they are unable to understand their thirst signals. When this happens, they interpret their thirst signal as hunger signals and end up eating when in reality they are just thirsty.

Low Fibre Intake

Every nutrient has a role to play in the body. Carbs give you energy, protein are your building blocks, and in the same way fibre provides you satiety. It keeps food longer in your digestive track and send the signal of fullness to the brain through your satiety hormone leptin. If your meals have enough fibre, which stays in ur gut for longer, there are less likely changes of you binge eatingLow Protein Intake-

We live in a century where fast food is the norm. Our meals are loaded with carbs and fats, with barely any protein or fibre. Protein are thermogenic nutrients, which means they require more time and energy to be broken down and absorbed. This leads to delayed gastric emptying which in turn suppresses your appetite.

Insulin Resistance

Something that is getting quite common in adult population is Insulin Resistance. It can be hereditary, but a major reason why most adults have it now days is excessive consumption of refined foods.

Such foods spike your blood sugar levels, which in turn would spike your Insulin levels, eventually leading to drop in sugar levels and rise in the cravings.

You know what needs to be done here !

Stress, Anxiety or Depression

Depression causes binge eating and binge eating causes depression. It’s a vicious cycle !

Food is therapeutic in nature. It provides a sense of comfort, hence why most people turn to delicacies when feeling low, going through a break up or any difficulty in life.

It’s important to understand that binge eating is not the problem here, your mental health is. So unless and until you work on it effectively through meditation or therapy or doing things that give you happiness, you won’t be able to break this cycle.

Body Image Issues

Most people with a binge eating problem, have some or the other issue with how they look. The unreal expectations a human picks up from fashion magazine or television & movies is deteriorating for one’s mental health in more than just one way.

If you are going through something similar, remember-

Sonam Kapoor once said- “It takes hours and tons of make-up, plus a lot of assistance from many people along with hours of sweating in a gym to make a particular actor look a certain way.”

There should not be any point of comparison here !

FAD Diets

Extreme dieting or restrictive diet that does not allow you to eat any particular food will eventually make you crave that food. The psychological trauma of missing out on something, make’s you feast on it which will later end up into guilt.

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