The time has come, and finally the wait is over. Bigg Boss 16 episode 2 has already been telecasted and I am so looking forward to experiencing the drama in the house. Yesterday, the host Salman Khan welcomed the contestants of the house with warmth. On that note, I will also be giving you updates about tonight’s episode, so that you don’t miss out on anything. Let’s start!

10:37 PM: Shiv Thakare and Archana discuss Sajid and his different nature. Archana feels that the filmmaker seems to be depressed.
10: 30 PM: Gautam gets into a heated argument with MC Stan over the cleaning duties. They start arguing and raise their voices. Gautam has issues with MC Stan not doing his work properly. Later they hug and patch up.
10: 28 PM: Bigg Boss calls Tina Datta and Srijita De in the confession room and asks if there were any differences between them. He suggests they clear things out as they have known each other for 10 years. Srijita opens about Tina’s dominating nature.
10: 22 PM: Bigg Boss tells Nimrat that all calls that came into the house today were pranks.
10: 23: Bigg Boss calls Nimrat in the confession room and tells her that the captain needs to be alert all the time in order to save his position. He also mentions that there will be a 24 hour surveillance over the captain. If the housemates are not under control, the captain will be fired from the position. When the old captain gets fired, a new caption will be elected. To get the immunity the captain needs to prove himself/ herself.
10: 25 PM: Archana Gautam tells the constants that she will only come in the kitchen and clean it after everyone is done with dinner.
10: 27 PM: Bigg Boss calls MC Stan in the confession rooms and tells him to teach him some Desi Hip Hop. He tells the rapper that he was different on stage with Salman Khan and different in the house.
10: 28 PM: Nimrat tells MC Stan that he needs to work in the house.
10:18 PM: Sonu Nigam calls over the phone. He tells Tina to dance with Abdu. They go on a rooftop and perform. Abdu wins everyone’s hearts with his singing.
10: 16 PM: Nimrat tells everyone to do their own things. Gautam tells Archana that the mess in the kitchen needs to be cleaned on time.
10:10: Hrithik Roshan calls this time and asks for Gautam. Hrithik asks him to perform a signature step of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.
10: 00 PM: Aamir Khan calls on phone, he speaks to Shalin Bhanot. He gives a task to Shalin and tells him to take a dip in the pool. He makes Shalin go into the pool thrice.
9:55 PM: Abdu shares his life story about buying a new house for his parents.
9: 53 PM: Bigg Boss announces that it is a new season, people have been called due to their originality. He also reminds them that the show rules have been changed. He says that today’s wake up song was the last song. From tomorrow, they will be waking up by Alarm and singing the Bigg Boss anthem.

9:51 PM:Tina Dutta asks MC Stan about his real name. He tells the meaning as half devil and half angel.
9:50 PM: Manya Singh about choosing love over money when Sajid Khan questions her.
9: 48 PM: Wake song plays in the background when everyone starts dancing in the morning.
9: 40 PM: Archana and Tina get into an argument about gas being on.
9: 38 PM: Abdu requests Bigg Boss to send 2-3 kg dumbbells for workout.
9: 37 PM: Abdu and Sajid are called in the confession room, Bigg Boss tells Sajid to become Adbu’s official translator.

9:33 PM: The first day begins with Captain Nimrat Ahluwalia delegating duties about cleaning and kitchen to the housemates.

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