I am loving the interesting mix of contestants we are seeing on Bigg Boss 16. And while the game has just begun, the dislikes and rivalries are also seeming to take a forefront. Like I told you earlier, tonight’s episode is full of happy and shocking moments, the nominations are going to be the highlight. We might even see lots of equations change today, and going by the promos there is some unpleasantness that awaits the contestants. Here I am bringing to all the live updates from Bigg Boss 16 today. Read on!

11:30 pm: Gautam and Priyanka’s fight continues. Later, they sit and amicaby discuss the issue.

11:17 pm: Manya and Tina’s argument only gets heated. Later, Manya cries in the bedroom. Nimrit and Priyanka also get into an argument when Priyanka defends Manya. Gautam also jumps into the argument. He calls Priyanka, ‘jagat mata’ and things only get worse.

11:07 pm: Manya and Tina get into an argument over cleaning the sink. Shalin gets angry on Manya for being rude and disrespectful.

11:00 pm: Abdu sings a song to which Gori performs a belly dance. Later, Sumbul sings an emotional rap. Priyanka gets teary eyed while talking to Ankit over what Bigg Boss told her.

10:56 pm: Bigg Boss calls Sajid and asks what he felt about the nominations. He revealed that Shalin’s nomination surprised him. Bigg Boss tells him that Shalin feels he is not interested, to which Sajid disagrees.

10:50 pm: Bigg Boss calls Priyanka in the confession room, and taunts her on advising everyone. He reprimands her for judging people who are called to the confession room. Later, MC Stan and Shiv sing songs. Tina reveals how many utensils she has washed. Manya takes Tina’s joke the wrong way and they have a heated exchange of words.

10:46 pm: Gori is called in the confession room by Bigg Boss, she reveals that there is groupism in the house and how Gautam and gang ignore her. Later, Gori tells Sreejita and Priyanka what Bigg Boss told her.

10:44 pm: Bigg Boss plays a game with Shalin and asks he to give a name to his contestants. He tells Shalin to express his opinions clearly. Shalin points how Bigg Boss is not important for him.

10:43 pm: Archana pokes fun at the 3 people who got the punishment. Priyanka and Ankit discuss how MC Stan is not getting involved, and Sajid is disinterested in the game. Bigg Boss tells Shalin that he is very sugar coated and is looking like a coward.

10:39 pm: Bigg Boss announces that Shiv, Archana, Sajid, Gori, Gautam, and MC Stan are nominated. He even got angry on Tina, Manya, and Soundarya punishes them for saying sorry during nominations. They have to all the house work until next orders from Bigg Boss. Nimrit has to make sure this is followed.

10:36 pm: Housemates discuss the nomination process. Shalin discusses with Sajid why he nominated him.

10:34 pm: Soundarya nominates Ankit and Abdu, Gori nominates Gautam and Ankit. Abdu nominates Shalin and Soundarya. Sajid asks Shalin why he nominated Abdu. Their discussion gets intense.

10:33 pm: Sajid Khan nominates Shalin and Tina, Shiv nominates Gautam and Sreehita. Priyanka nomibnates Sajid and MC Stan. Sumbul nominates Sajid and Manya, while MC Stan nominates Gautam and Priyanka.

10:31 pm: Gautam nominates Gori and MC Stan, Tina and Archana nominate Sajid and Stan. Soundarya and Ankit nominate Gori and Stan.

10:30 pm: Shalin nominates Sajid and Abdu. Sreejita nominates Tina and Gori.

10:29 pm: Nimrit nominates Archana and Shiv.

10:27 pm: Nomination process starts. Contestants have to nominate 2 people without givong any reason. he announces Nimrit is safe because she is the captain.

10:23 pm: Abdu Rozik eats chilly in lunch by mistake. Nimrit yells at everyone in the house, after which Shiv gets irritated on her and tells her not to raise her voice on him. Nimrit justifies why she lost ehr cool on Shiv when he volunteered to wash Sajid’s plates.

10:20 pm: Tina starts flirting with Abdu, asks if he likes Archana. Shiv and Tina tell Abdu about how Archana is getting ready for him. Tina asks Abdu if she can date him.

10:19 pm: Abdu talks to others about Hasbulla. And then mimics a fight with Ankit.

10:17 pm: Nimrit and Gautam talk to Ankit about his equation Priyanka. Ankit reveals how she wants a future, while he doesn’t.

10:15 pm: Shiv asks Abdu what kind of girls does he like. As Rozik shares his preference, Shiv asks him who does he like from the ladies in the Bigg Boss house.

10:13 pm: Shalin pushes Sumbul in the swimming pool, after which Soundarya gets angry over Shiv for sweeping around her.

10:08 pm: Sajid Khan councils Nimrit over being a captain and how she needs to be strong. Later, Sajid jokingly tells Abdu to sit on the camera.

10:06 pm: Shiv Thakare and Tina have their internal jokes, while others sort out the issue with Archana. Shiv takes Archana away, leaving Nimrit very angry. Nimrit walks out saying that this is very disrespectful.

10:04 pm: Nimrit raises an objection over Archana not helping in the kitchen but rather choosing to cook her breaksfast without permission.

10:02 pm: Housemates talk to Priyanka about her equation with Ankit. Shalin also jokes about Ankit’s vibe going dull.

10:01 pm: Contestants wake up to an alarm and recite the Bigg Boss 16 anthem. They seemed to enjoy it quite a lot.

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