I have been enjoying watching Bigg Boss 16 on Colors TV every day, and this year I am loving the interesting mix of contestants. Now that the show has just kick started it is very early to gauge anyone’s personality, however, I got a taste of a few of them, right before they entered the Salman Khan-hosted reality show. One of the contestants I got to speak with was rapper MC Stan who grabbed a lot of attention with his unique personality. His stance in the house is also quite cool, in case, you have missed it, read highlights from yesterday’s episode here!

When I spoke to MC Stan exclusively about his game plan for Bigg Boss 16, he said…

I have to crack Bigg Boss, I am taking an experience with this. I have no game plan, I will play with whatever he throws at us.

Talking about his personality, Stan shared…

‘I am a very kind person, I want to spread love everywhere. Main pyaar karta, public vaar karte, abhi mainkya karu bhai. Nobody has seen my personality so much, which is why the public doesn’t know me. I am coming to clear a lot of controversies.’

Talking about household duties MC was of the opinion that..

I have OCD, so I have to stay clean all the time. I can just not cook, so I will ask the ladies in the house to cook for me.

Well, rapper MC Stan has had quite a bumpy start on the show. On day one, MC Stan got into a fight with Guatam Vig, and now as per what I hear, tomorrow he will have a competition with Abdu Rozik which will be started by Kili Paul, but before that there is lots happening on the show tonight, don’t missing reading about the Bigg Boss promo today. Also, stay tuned to this space for more interesting updates on Bigg Boss 16.