I look forward to watching Big Boss episodes every night. Yesterday, we saw how Shalin Bhanot gets reprimanded by Bigg Boss for revealing the half truth. During the end we also saw MC Stan’s discussion with the contestants about not being happy in the house. The cutest was Abdu Roziq’s stint in the swimming pool. And now it’s time for a new episode. In the new Bigg Boss promo we will see the entry of social media sensation from Tanzania, Kili Paul. He is famous for making reels on Bollywood chartbuster songs along with his sister Neema. His videos go viral within no time and he has humongous fans on social media. Just on Instagram, he has over 4 million followers.

Before moving further, here’s a look at the today’s Bigg Boss promo here:

The master of the house, Bigg Boss announces a talent-based competition, and the winning team is bestowed the special power to move the housemates from their assigned bedrooms as they wish. ‘Bigg Boss’ declares that this competition is between Abdu Rozik and MC Stan, who must make reels with the contestants. Both competitors are assigned managers. Shiv Thakre is Abdu’s manager while Sumbul Touqeer is MC Stan’s manager. The managers are tasked with convincing the housemates to collaborate with their artists. The posters of Abdu and MC Stan along with NOCs (Non-objection certificates) are placed in the garden area and contestants must sign against the NOC of the talent, they are collaborating with. The talent-manager team with the most signatures wins.

To kick off the race for the special power, ‘Bigg Boss’ invites Tanzanian social media sensation Kili Paul to the house. Known worldwide for his impeccable dancing skills and lip-synced songs, Kili performs to reels with Abdu, and MC Stan, and kickstarts this competition. It will be exciting to watch who wins it and gets empowered to move contestants across the four bedrooms as they fancy. In the wake of this race, a few housemates worry about losing their station of luxury, while others hope for an upgrade.

We will also see Abdu playing his cute antics on the lawn. You will notice him making different poses while Soundarya Sharma is relaxing on the grass. I must say Abdu’s expressions are adorable in this one. The house also witnesses an adorable conversation between Abdu Rozik and Tina Datta. Tina notices that Abdu is homesick and missing his mother.

Check out the short clip here:

Also, in case you missed the episode last night, read the BB16 episode four live updates here. You can also watch the show from Monday to Friday at 10.00 PM and every Saturday – Sunday at 9.30 PM only on ColorsTV.

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