It has been an entire week since the premiere of Bigg Boss. Everyday we are getting to know intriguing details about the contestants. Tonight’s episode is crucial as  Salman Khan will be announcing the contestant who will get eliminated. As per Bigg Boss 16’s promo today, we will see Salman, Neena Gupta, and Rashmika Mandanna shaking a leg with the contestants in the house. We will also see the host playing a game of hit and flop with the contestants. I am wondering who the flop contestants could be? We will also see the first elimination of this season. Well, I am here to give you the latest updates, so brace yourself and read on!

10: 46 PM: Archana tells Nimrit to get well soon. Saundarya consoles Archana as she cries. Archana says that she will only cook food and not distribute it. Shiv discusses with Sajid that the people want to portray a positive image. MC Stan tells them that there is groupism in the house. Abdu and Archana talk about food and hug each other.

10: 41 PM: The housemates discuss how many chapatis will be made for dinner. Nimrit yells at Archana and tells her only to make food quietly. Nimrit breaks down and tells Gautam that there is no humanity in the house. She also says that she is unwell but still she has to check on everything. She says that people will make her mad.

10: 37 PM: Abdu imitates the contestants in the house and makes funny noises. Soundarya tells Stan that she wants to portray a creative image and show it to the audience. Stan tells her that they are not doing anything for the image on the show.

10: 26 PM: Soundarya says that people are concentrating on Nimrit and Priyanka. MC Stan tells the girls that Abdu didn’t pay attention to him. Archana asks Sajid about the taste of food. Then she tells Sumbul that there is no rice. There is a huge argument about rice. Sumbul tells Shalin that she will make people cry in the house. Archana tells Nimrit that the contestants did not listen to her when she was yelling about the food. Soundarya tells Archana that she is mad and mental. Nimrat tells Archana that she should only cook and not serve food.

10: 20 PM: Tina clarifies her stand about catfight with Sreejita in front of MC Stan and Soundarya. MC Stan and Sajid Khan discuss about who deserves to be the captain in the house. Sajid says if he gets mad then the Bigg Boss will throw him out. Tina talks to Gautam about people playing games. Shalin talks to Tina and apologizes for his behavior.

10:15 PM: Abdu talks to Shalin and engages in a funny conversation. Shalin hugs Sumbul. Priyanka and Ankit talk to each other. Shalin talks to MC Stan and justifies his stand and tells him that he considers him a younger brother. Tina gets furious as Gautam as he did not talk to her while she was sitting alone for two hours.

10: 12 PM: Salman calls out the name of the nominees Sajid, Archana , Gautam, Shiv and Stan. He announces that no one will be evicted this week but he advises the contestants not be laid back, if you work hard on anything, you will get the results. Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot gets into a slight argument.

10: 04 PM: First time in the history of Bigg Boss, the contestants open about the person who they don’t want to see as captain. They give the names of a person who is not deserving to be a captain of the house. Nimrit, Priyanka, Abdu and Gori gets the maximum votes. They are asked to be a part of challenge and choose a partner. Salman tells the contestants to lift their partner, whoever falls first will not be able to become captain. Gori loses the challenge which means that next week she will not be able to become captain.

9: 58 PM: The host tells the contestants to recite the famous dialogue of Pushpa in their own style. Salman tells the contestants to say bye to the guests by doing the Saami steps. Rashmika wishes luck to all the contestants.

9:54 PM: Salman makes Shalin dance on the chicken song. Manya gets a task to tag contestants with appropriate sash. She give Soundarya, Priyanka and Archana Gautam for Footage Ke Bhooke sash. Salman suggests her that being diplomatic will not take her anywhere. Manya becomes duty free till the time Bigg Boss tells her to do something.

9: 45 PM: The host welcomes Neena Gupta and Rashmika Mandanna to the stage as their film GoodBye just released. Neena refers to Abdu as Abdul. Rashmika asks Salman when he is going to make debut in South. She tells Salman to speak a Telugu dialogue. In a hilarious way Salman speaks his famous dialogue from kick that too in Telugu. Rashmika performs popular step of Saami along with Salman and Neena. Salman makes the contestants meet the guests through screen. Salman introduces all the contestants with the guests. Rashmika tells Abdu that he is her favorite.

9:30 PM: Salman Khan meets the contestants through screen. He asks Ankit, Priyanka about their party outside. Salman tells them that their chemistry is boring. It is not worth showing on national TV. He suggests them to bring energy. He tells them that they have come here to work and not in a holiday. They should respect the fans. He tells the contestants that they need to reinvent themselves, the audience wants to see their real personality. During Shanivaar Ka Vaar Salman tells them that todays episode will be about Sam Dam Dand Bhed. He asks all the contestants and plays hit and flop with them. Whoever is hit gets garlanded while the person who is flop gets foam in the face. The contestants pick their hit and flops, they also give their reasons. Abdu picks Gautam as hit and Archana as flop. Sumbul hit and Ankit flop for Tina. Manya picks Gautam as hit and Sreejita as flop. Shalin picks Stan as hit and flop as Sreejita. Sajid picks Stan as hit and Abdu as flop. Ankit gets a majority flop score so Salman suggests him to play carefully. Similarly all the contestants pick their choices and give their reasons.

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