The game of Bigg Boss 16 has begun and it’s only getting wild now that one week has passed. In fact, yesterday we saw some dynamics really changing in the house, and one contestant who has been on the radar right from start is actor Shalin Bhanot. Yes, whether it was getting into the wrong books of people or women getting charmed by him, the game for Shalin has begun on quite a high note. In fact, tonight will be a difficult episode for the actor because he will get carried away in the captaincy task. As per the Bigg Boss 16 episode promo today, Shalin will hurt Archana Gautam after which lots of housemates will demand his eviction. While Bigg Boss takes that call, I want us to revisit the conversation I had with Sha before he entered the house.

Talking about his excitement for the show, Shalin had said,

Since the prep of Bigg Boss begun, I have been packing, paying bills, during the lockdown I adopted a dog, so my biggest concern was who would take care of him.

About his personality and game plan, Shalin shared…

No strategies work in BB, it’s full of surprises, so I have an open mind, as if there is no tomorrow. I have very little mind and I guess that will be an added benefit in the BB life. I don’t plan to us e a lot of brains, I believe it is beautiful to see BB from inside. I have all shades to my personality, I am like water, I can take any shape. Also, you cannot damage water.

While we are already seeing Shalin face some issues in terms of food in the house, talking about it he had said…

I am really nervous about food, and I am foodie to hell, so I am terrified that I will not get to eat muffins, that’s my biggest fear. I wish I get some special food, also I have never done anything in my house which is very scary, but I can learn.

With the way things are going for Shalin, I see him going a long way in the game, but with his one mistake in the task tonight, we will have to wait and watch. Stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss right here!