The drama on Big Boss never ends. Within 12 days of its premiere, we have seen all of it on the show, be it fights, arguments, or love among the contestants. During the last episode, we saw how Shalin Bhanot opens up about his feelings for Tina Datta. He confesses his love for her on the show. We also saw MC Stan and Archana Gautam getting into a brawl with each other. Tonight, it is going to be more interesting as the makers have released the promo which shows a rather unusual behavior of Shalin. In tonight’s episode the viewers will witness some shocking moments, fights, and lots of drama!

Before going further, here’s a look at the promo of the show:

As the promo begins, we will see Shalin giving a peck on the cheek to Soundarya Sharma. After doing this Shalin makes a gesture like he has won something. Looking at this, the captain of the house Gautam Vig tells Shalin that it is called ‘cheapness’. In return Shalin retaliates and asks the captain, “What cheap-cheap are you doing?”

In the later part of the clip, we see that Gautam gets offended by the entire scene. Soundarya tells him that he needs to take it easy as he is not her husband. Meanwhile, Tina Datta also gets affected by the incident and she tells Shalin that if her boyfriend does the same thing, then she will have a problem with it. It looks like Tina is extremely irritated by Shalin’s behavior who confessed his love just a day prior for her.

Will Tina be able to forget what Shalin did to Soundarya? Will Shalin have an argument with Gautam? All the questions will be answered in tonight’s episode. Stay tuned for more interesting updates from BB16 right here.

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