It has been 13 days since the beginning of Bigg Boss16 and every episode has something interesting for us. From the start of this week, we saw so many arguments on the show, but there is also more in store. As per the Bigg Boss 16 Day 13 promo, we will see the differences start growing between the captain of the house Gautam Vig and Shalin Bhanot. Gautam regards Shalin’s behavior of giving the peck on the cheek as ‘cheap’. As usual it is a day filled with melodrama and I cannot wait to watch it. So keep reading all the live updates here!

11:00 pm: The day ends with a cute moment

Shalin, Sumbul and Tina share a joke and hug each other. Abdu says good night to everyone.

10:55 pm: Archana teases Soundarya

Archana thanks Bigg Boss for gifting the ginger and she teases Soundarya. Gautam tells Shalin that they share a different vibe. Shalin tells that he has not crossed any limits. Gautam tells Shalin that he had referred the incident as cheap act and he didn’t call him cheap.

10: 52 pm: Bigg Boss gifts Archana and Shalin

Bigg Boss asks Archana how did she like Shalin’s performance and he gifts Shalin the chicken for two weeks. Archana gets 1 kg ginger as gift. Bigg Boss tells Archana that he punishment gets over.

10: 47 pm: Archana knows people want her to loose the task

Archana whispers in Shalin’s ears that everyone are trying to make her angry. Nimrit and Sreejita smells ginger. Nimrit tries to tempt Archana to talk. Sreejita tries to scare Archana in the washroom.

10: 44 pm: Sajid refers to Priyanka as most talkative in the house

Nimrit goes to Archana’s room along with Gautam to steal the ginger. Sajid tells Archana to make coffee. Everyone tells Archana that they want to have chai. Sreejita tells Shalin to stay away from Archana so that she loses the task. Sajid says that Priyanka is the most talkative in the house.

10: 41 pm: Contestants laugh at Shalin

Shalin tells the contestants that he is the voice of Archana. All the contestants start laughing after hearing Shalin.

10: 30 pm: Archana has to stay quiet till further instructions

Bigg Boss asks the contestants whose voice they find the most irritating. All the contestants give their names. Archana gets the maximum votes as the most irritating voice. Bigg Boss orders Archana to stay silent till his further instructions. Everyone stars laughing after listening to this. Archana is called to the confession room. He asks her if she can really be quiet. Bigg Boss gives a chance to Shalin to win chicken. He tells Shalin to be the voice of Archana and wear the cap for two weeks.

10:26 pm: Archana returns the ginger

Nimrit tells Archana that it was not fair for her to bring ginger from her room. Archana says that she is not going to return the ginger. Gautam tries to explain Archana and hugs her when she returns the ginger. Sajid says that people quarrel here for pity things. Nimrit asks Gautam how did he got ginger back from Archana.

10:17 pm: Bigg Boss calls Ankit in the confession room

Archana tells that she will make her chapati by herself. Gautam yells at Archana and tells her to adjust. MC Stan tells Abdu that Archana is mad. Soundarya tells Abdu that everybody wants her. Bigg Boss calls Ankit in the confession room and asks him if he knows any gossip in the house. Ankit says that the people have two faces here. He refers to Sumbul as lost and confused. He calls Tina as a smart player and observer. He also reveals that Gautam and Soundarya, Shalin and Tina are getting romantically involved. He calls Archana as a someone who wants to argue with people. Ankit also mentions that he found Tina and Sumbul’s behaviour on the day of the captain task as unfair.

10:14 pm: Tine warns Shalin of not crossing the line

Shalin and Gautam clarifies things between them. Sreejita tells the contestants that poha got over. Abdu in his usual funny way talks to camera and sings the anthem. Tina tells Shalin about not crossing the line. He says that he is least bothered about Soundarya. He tells Tina that she is emotionally damaging. Tina discusses with Abdu her problems. He explains to her nicely.

10:10 pm: Tina gets pissed with Shalin

Shalin, Soundarya discuss that they were only kidding. The entire house starts discussing about the Shalin kissing Soundarya. Tina tells Shalin that if it was her boyfriend, she would have reacted differently.

10:07 pm: Shalin confronts Gautam

Soundarya Sharma tells Gautam that he should not behave like as if they are dating. She tells him not to react on the silly incident. Shalin comes to talks to Gautam and says that he is overreacting.

10: 00 pm: Archana confesses taking the ginger

Contestants sing the Bigg Boss anthem. Archana tells the contestants that she has taken the ginger in the bag. Others consider it unfair. Abdu hugs Soundarya and MC Stan while having tea. Shalin teases Soundarya while she calls Gautam. Shalin gives Soundarya a peck on the cheek. Gautam calls Shalin’s behavior as cheap.

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