A lot is different this time on Bigg Boss 16, especially the show’s concept. Unlike every year, this time Bigg Boss is also playing the game with the contestants, but what’s also new is an episode we are witnessing tonight. As an addition to the history of Bigg Boss, there is an ‘Interactive India’ episode we all are seeing tonight. As per this episode, viewers will be connecting with the housemates on a one-on-one basis where they will ask some tough questions and even point out hard facts to the contestants, followed by justifications coming in. To execute this we will have Shekhar Suman host the BIGG Bulletin as we saw in the promo. Well, what’s in store, is that Shalin Bhanot, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and even Abdu Rozik are in for some serious feedback. You and I will only learn as the episode gets rolling, so stay tuned for I will give you all live updates from the Bigg Boss house right here!

11:11 pm: Priyanka and Nimrit get into a debate over the allegations.

10:57 pm: After Archana, Shekhar talks to Nimrit. He makes Nimrit take an oath that she will be a good captain. He then asks Priyanka to join him and talks to her about the ‘jagatmata’ tag on her.

10:52 pm: After Ankit, Shekhar talks to MC Stan. He then talks to Abdu and appreciates how he is seen all over the house. He calls Abdu a sweetheart. He also takes on Archana later for being so loud in the house.

10:44 pm: Shekhar starts his segment. He recites a poem on the BB house situation. After Sajid, Shekhar takes on Shalin. He then gives his take on Sumbul, and later Shekhar talks to Ankit.

10:32 pm: Priyanka cries to Ankit after their argument. Bigg Boss announces Shekhar Suman’s arrival for the BIGG Bulletin.

10:26 pm: Priyanka goes and cries to Abdu, clarifying how she never treated him like a kid. Priyanka and Ankit continue their heated discussion. Sajid tells Stan how Soundarya is trying to charm him. Shalin and Tina have a heart-to-heart discussion about Stan and Sreejita.

10:22 pm: MC Stan gets questioned, and Priyanka urges Ankit to talk. Shalin asks Tina why she is so fickle. Ankit and Priyanka have an argument over treating Abdu like a kid.

10:18 pm: Next question is for all, why do they treat Abdu like a kid? Sajid calls Abdu the ABP of the house. Sumbul gets questioned later for underestimating herself.

10:13 pm: Next question is for Nimrit, on why she cries so much as a captain. The next question is for Ankit, on why he is so quiet and non-active in the house. Bigg Boss tells Priyanka to make sure that Ankit speaks 1000 words every day.

10:09 pm: Interactive India segment starts, the first feedback is for Shalin. Shalin justifies his judgment of MC Stan. Many contestants don’t agree with Shalin’s clarification.

10:06 pm: Gautam and Shalin’s discussion from the morning continues. Soundarya and Tina take Stan to a corner to learn to rap. Bigg Boss announces the Interactive India segment.

10:01 pm: Gautam confronts Tina. Tina loses her cool for Gautam blaming her. Soundarya justifies her kissing Shalin to Gautam. Gautam gets irritated and walks out. Abdu informs all about Tina and Gautam’s fight, he says Tina was crying.

9:58 pm: Gori, Stan, Shiv, and others discuss the discord between Tina and the group. Sajid shares how Shalin is here to win and has no morals or values. He also explains to Abdu how they can backstab him. Sajid tells everyone to beware of Shalin and Sumbul.

9:54 pm: Shalin confronts Tina in front of Gautam. Gautam also cross-questions Tina and the three have a discussion. Tina gets upset and expresses her disagreement with Shalin.

9:50 pm: Everybody teases Abdu with Archana, Abdu says he will throw Archana in the pool. Shalin discusses this with Gautam about him and Soundarya. Shalin and Gautam discuss Sumbul being clingy, and how Tina suggested that he flirts with Soundarya. Shalin advises Gautam to check if his feelings are just on-screen or off-screen.

9:48 pm: Gautam talks to Soundarya, Archana grumbles about Shalin’s obsession with chicken. Nimrit tells her to keep quiet and cook. Shalin requests sumbul to cook chicken for him. Archana continues to grumble.

9:45 pm: Sumbul is sulking and Shalin asks her what’s wrong. She tells him how she feels unwanted and that no one is interested in talking to her. Gautam tells Tina how he felt bad about Soundarya kissing Shalin. Tina tells Shalin about Gautam being upset.

9:41 pm: Sajid asks Shiv why he has protein shakes. Abdu Rozik has a hearty laugh at the conversation. Tina pulls Shalin’s leg for not being able to woo Soundarya. Soundarya gives Shalin a kiss on the cheek, Tina teases Gautam about it.

9:38 pm: Shalin and Tina continue to discuss Gautam. MC Stan and Shiv also discuss about Tina enquiring if something is going on between Shalin and Sumbul. Stan tells Soundarya he doesn’t trust Tina.

9:35 pm: Priyanka vents to Tina and Soundarya about Nimrit being insensitive. Tina discusses Sumbul’s nosy behavior. Tina informs Shalin how Gautam is playing a game with Soundarya and their budding romance is fake.

09:32 pm: Abdu Rozik and Sajid Khan have a fun banter over using the washroom. Sajid tells Abdu to ask Bigg Boss for a pizza. Soundarya tells Nimrit to release Priyanka from her duty. Sajid asks Abdu if he would want to marry Tina.

Watch this space for more amazing updates on Bigg Boss 16.

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