The most awaited time of the week, ‘Shanivaar Ka Vaar’ is here. The eviction is on the head today, one among Archana GautamSumbul Toqueer, and Soundarya Sharma will leave the Bigg Boss 16 house. Meanwhile, Gautam Vig‘s love for Soundarya will be questioned yet again. If you missed the gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 36 Promo here. The cast of Double XL will join in to add some colour to the house. Although it is still not clear why they are fighting, Priyanka Choudhary and Shiv Thakare get into a tussle. After all, Bigg Boss wouldn’t be the same without some significant fights. Stay tuned to learn what goes wrong between them.

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10:58 pm: Tina and Nimrit go to support Soundarya

Tina Datta comes to check in with Soundarya and tries to tell her that she was warning her about Gautam. Nimrit also says that she is grateful that Gautam is away from her now.

10:42 pm: Priyanka & Ankit versus Shiv

While Priyanka was talking to Sajid about the buzzer matter, Shiv thinks that she was putting her nose in Sajid’s choice which causes a crazy fight between them. Ankit Gupta interferes in the matter and Shiv ends up calling him a ‘popat’.

Even Tina Datta falls in between and gets into an argument with Priyanka.

10:30 pm: Soundarya gets hurt by Gautam

After coming back into the house Soundarya loses her cool at Gautam over the clips which Salman Khan showed her. She confronts him and believes that he didn’t take a stand for her while she was being mocked.

10:27 pm: The eviction begins!

As the voting lines were closed. Salman asks the nominated contestants to choose a person for themselves.

If the contestants behind the buzzer will be press it once then no one will be evicted. Sajid Khan, Priyanka and Gautam press the buzzers and no one gets evicted even this week.

10:23 pm: What the public thinks about Archana?

Some gathered negative tweets from the audience on social media are being displayed to Archana Gautam over her behaviour.

10:17 pm: Salman Khan tries to open Soundarya’s eyes

Soundarya Sharma is shown a clip of Shalin Bhanot and Nimrit mocking her while Gautam just sits and enjoys.

10:12 pm: The contestants become ‘The Janta’

The housemates are asked to say one thing about another person selected by Salman and give their opinions and advice to them as a viewer.

10:08 pm: The Double XL dentures

Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi ask them to wear huge dentures and recreate their previously said famous lines in the Bigg Boss show.

10:04 pm: The cast of Double XL enters with a bang

Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, Zaheer Iqbal and Mahat Raghavendra are here to have the best time with Salman Khan and the housemates.

9:59 pm: Sajid speaks for Gouri

Sajid says that Gouri and MC Stan feel that after Nimrit came into the picture they both are feeling left out.

9:49 pm: Salman Khan calls out Gouri for influencing MC Stan

Gouri Nagori and MC Stan think that Shiv Thakare and Sajid Khan take all the credit for their ‘group’ and don’t let them get involved in any matters. Salman brings up that Gouri keeps on influencing MC Stan.

9:33 pm: Salman Khan takes Sajid’s Class

As Salman Khan asks, housemates express their complaints about Sajid Khan. Bhai calls him the ‘Messiah’ of the house, he states that Sajid doesn’t state his opinions openly and it is showing as ‘double standards’ to the audience. The majority of the housemates think that he is not serious about his game.

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