If you are also someone who believes dreams do come true, then you will quite relate to Bigg Boss 16 contestant Shiv Thakare. Yes, I still remember his Roadies audition from 2017 where the wore a light green banyan, a humble, earnest gully boy, who impressed the judges only to become a semi-finalist. Shiv has been quite the success story ever since his first stint on television. But life completely changed for him when he won Season 2 of Bigg Boss Marathi. Now he is quite a prominent contestant on Bigg Boss 16 and with every passing day, Shiv is only getting stronger with his game. In fact, tonight he will have a huge fight with Priyanka Choudhary, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 36 promo article here!

Before he entered the house I spoke to him and not for a second did I see him have any air about being a Bigg Boss winner, in fact, he was a humble man willing to start from zero only to become a hero. Well, he did!

When I asked Shiv about his plans for Bigg Boss 16 and if the winning experience would be an advantage, he told me…

I want to live this journey of Bigg Boss, it’s not a game for me, it’s a dream and you live a dream. The Hindi and Marathi seasons are very different, where our imagination ends, Bigg Boss starts his imagination from there. I am going with a clean slate, I have kept aside that trophy, those clothes, I am starting from zero. I plan to enjoy the game, everyone in the house is a star in their field, so if I carry this winner attitude it can go against me. I want to enter the show as a zero and come out as a hero.

But being in that house once surely must have left him with some tricks for the trade, and he agrees…

Staying real in Bigg Boss is the best, the audience likes it. I have this quality in me and I will maintain it on the show. Every person learns from their mistake, no human is perfect, even I will make mistakes. But I only react if someone purposely irritates me.

Talking about a quality that Shiv hates in people he shared…

I hate people who carry an attitude about them being a star. I cannot stand that, the best part of Bigg Boss is that everyone is equal, a commoner can become a star and vice versa.

Honestly, I love Shiv’s personality on the show, he appears genuine to me. Plus his equation with Abdu Rozik and MC Stan is too sweet to watch on Bigg Boss 16. So I am surely rooting for him and if you also want to see him take that trophy home then you need to vote for him. Vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

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