I cannot contain my excitement for today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16. With two wild card entries – the Golden Guys, the drama is sure to soar through the roof, especially if they come with an opportunity to win back 25 Lakhs. Read Bigg Boss 16 Day 59 promo article here. What has also surprised me is the change in Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia‘s attitude after becoming the captain. And its seems, Archana Gautam will get a bitter taste of it tonight. Find out what’s happening in the latest episode with the live updates…

10:55 PM: Nimrit and Archana get into a fight
Nimrit points out how Archana and some other housemates create a mess and don’t clean up after them. This stirs a fight and Nimrit asks Archana not to test her patience. Shiv tries to mediate the fight.

10:47 PM: Shalin clarifies about his feelings towards Tina
Shalin feels used by Tina for daily chores and feels bad about being called a brother. Tina then clarifies that she was fooling around and having fun.

10:45 PM: Bigg Boss announces a task to win the money back
Bigg Boss nominates Sajid to cook dinner for him as one of the tasks to win the money back and appoints Archana as his assistant.

10:43 PM: Stan and Sunny discuss his journey
Stan tells Sunny how he is not made for the house and what small issues that everyone fights over recalling the fight over atta from this morning and calls Priyanka loud.

10:36 PM: Housemates greet the Golden Guys
The Golden Guys are allotted the room of two. Stan gets happy as he feels more at home with Sunny and Bunty and starts talking to them in Marathi. Bigg Boss then reminds them that one still needs to speak in Hindi, in the house.

10:30 PM: The Golden Guys are here!
Sunny and Bunty, the two Golden Guys enter the house with the opportunity for the housemates to win back the 25 Lakhs prize money. Bigg Boss welcomes them to the house, he explains how they can win the money back.

10:18 PM: Soundarya gets in a fight with Archana
A fight breaks out over atta and rotis in the house, as Archana has issues with eating stale food. Soundarya points out that she can’t handle Archana’s tantrums. Archana gets upset that her food gets swapped with Sumbul’s stale food.

10:00 PM: Nimrit allots bedrooms as Captain
While Sajid is irritated with Abdu for talking to Nimrit.

Do Archana and Nimrit resolve their fight? Find out in the next episode and stay tuned for all updates from Bigg Boss 16 right here, also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

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