Things are really heating up in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Every episode brings in its own dose of fights, and at times some romance. This week is no different, you can take a sneak peek what’s coming your way this episode here at Bigg Boss 16 December 1 Day 61 Promo. What was refreshing for me to see was Sumbul Touqeer standing up for herself against Archana Gautam. Find out what happens next in the latest episode with the live updates…

10:00 PM: Tina complains about having to clean dishes
Tina complains about left over food in plates and having to cleaning plates with left over food in it. Nimrit gets offended on Tina’s tone.

10:13 PM: Archana and Soundarya discuss Shalin and Tina
Archana says how Shalin is holding himself back because of Tina and is the one who has genuine feelings for Tina.

10:20 PM: Bigg Boss gives the housemate a task
When they hear the helicopter sound, they will start throwing biscuits, and they will have to catch biscuits standing outside the red line. And stop when there is a sound. Whoever has the most bricks stands an oppurtunity to become king or queen.

10:29 PM: Nimrit chooses Sumbul as the winner of round one.
Bigg Boss then asks her to choose between nominating herself or getting a passcode for the locker. Sumbul chooses to keep herself nominated. Archana calls Sumbul selfish and crosses the line with her words.

10:37 PM: Nimrit points out Shalin breaking rules
Nimrit points out that Tina has been putting her gold coins in Shalin’s bucket. Shiv asks for disqualification of Shalin or he won’t go ahead with the game without that.

10:43 PM: Shalin gets agressive
Nimrit asks him why is he getting loud and agrresive and he makes a remark on Nimrit’s mental health. Nimrit lashes out on Shalin and says she is glad that the world has seen his true face.

10:47 PM: Bigg Boss gives the housemates the passcode
Shive decides to give up his nomination and get the code. Bigg Boss then awards the code to him and the housemates praise his sacrifice.

11:00 PM: Nimrit thanks Sajid
Nimrit thanks Sajid for being there for her and pacifying her in her difficult times. While Abdu and Shiv discuss Shalin’s behaviour on the show and how he has crossed a line.

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