One thing I know for sure is Friday is not the most favourite day of any Bigg Boss 16 housemate. But it surely is mine, when each contestant is questioned on all of their activities from the week before. A lot has happened in the previous week, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta have had their ups and downs, while Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia has tried to prove herself as a worthy captain. Missed out on any of these updates? Check out the Bigg Boss 16 December 1 Day 61 Highlights. Find out what’s happening in the latest episode with the live updates…

10:05 PM: Bigg Boss starts off the morning with a task
The morning starts off with Bigg Boss giving the contestants a task. Where a statement will show up on TV and they have to make a guess on who said it and the person will have to go stand behind the guillotine and muck will be thrown at them.

10:17 PM: Shiv makes fun of doing completing the task
Shiv seems to be having the time of his life guessing who it could be, eagerly waiting for his turn to throw muck at anyone. He also suggests Nimrit to ruin Tina’s white t-shirt and promises to get back at Tina for throwing muck at him.

10:25 PM: Priyanka guesses Ankit’s name over a statement
She then gets upset over the statement and then clarifies why she is the way the she is. Soundrya butts in and accuses Priyanka of over reacting which leads to a fight over a trivial issue. Ankit also requests Soundarya to back off and not interfere between him and Priyanka.

10:34 PM: Tina gets upset over a remark made in the house
Tina gets upset on a remark made on her pet dog and flowers she received on her birthday. Tina reminds the housemates not to make such comments on her or anyone’s personal life that way.

10:43 PM: Ankit goes to console a crying Priyanka
Priyanka is seen crying upset over the previous matter while Ankit approaches her to talk over it. She clarifies to him that all she does she does it for him, so that he is more involved in the game. The game does not matter to her.

10:54 PM: Salman greets the housemates
Salman greets the contestants and gets on update from each from the previous week. From Ankit’s one liners to Archana’s behaviour. He also asks Ankit to explain the cause behind today’s fight and tries to mediate the matter between the two.

11:09 PM: Salman picks on Tina for her wrongs
He questions Tina why she was so upset about Shiv not making her the captain. And why was the news that was to be kept between her and Bigg Boss revealed to everyone in the house. . And why when she had the opportunity to become captain, she gave it up to make Shalin the captain.

11:15 PM: Bigg Boss fans are called in to question the contestants
The first question is shot at Tina where is questioned about using people in the house to get what she wants – the captaincy.

With a lot more questions to come in tomorrow, I can’t wait to see how the contestants deal with it. Stay tuned for all updates from Bigg Boss 16 right here, also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

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