It is no doubt that Kartik Aaryan is on a roll, he has been giving hit after hit, and recently, when I watched Freddy, I saw how nuanced an actor Kartik has grown to be. But I was also very impressed and surprised with Alaya F, the bubbly girl who we saw being a doting daughter on Jawaani Jaaneman, could have this kind of evil streak and intensity is something that left my mind blown. Set in a Parsi society, Freddy is a story about love, deceit, and revenge. This 2 hours 4 minutes film that releases on Disney Plus Hotstar today has been directed by Shashanka Ghosh, written by Parvez Sheikh, and produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Jay Shewakramani, and Gaurav Bose.

Throughout the film, I couldn’t help but admire the way Kartik had gotten into the skin of his character Freddy Ginwala. The film is a story about a socially awkward dentist who is longing to find his soulmate, sadly rejection is the only attention he receives from the ladies. But one fine day, he meets Kainaaz Irani (played by Alaya), an unhappily married girl whose little affection, turns into an obsession for Dr. Freddy. But when a betrayal comes his way, revenge is all that Freddy wants, does he manage to get that, is something you will find out once you watch the film.

Things I liked about Freddy…

1. Kartik Aaryan as Dentist Freddy Ginwala

The beauty of this role was that it was shy, simple, and vulnerable, and Kartik managed to grasp these attributes quite beautifully. The way he has gotten into the skin of the character, and the hesitation he has in every dialogue, only left me impressed. In fact, the performance is so good that when you connect with him, you won’t even come to know. I have to say, my expectations from Kartik after this have even gone a notch higher.

2. Alaya F as Kainaaz Irani

When I saw Alaya make her acting debut in 2020, I was very smitten by her on screen, and someone who exuded such happy vibes back then took me by surprise when she played a negative character in this one. As Kainaaz, Alaya is all poised and graceful, but she is also very twisted, and that portrayal is what left me very impressed with her performance. Truly, Alaya is the surprise package in the film.

3. The story

A very amazing thing about Freddy is that it’s a very tight story, there is no wasting time in telling the tale. That is what I liked about it, it’s quick and snappy, and still so brilliantly done. Even in this fast-paced story, the characters are well-established, and the emotions are high. So you legit feel the deceit, you will want the character to take revenge, and you will be shocked when it’s all over.

Things that could have been better…

Honestly, I wouldn’t want anything much to change in the film. A tiny issue that I had with this one was that the build-up made me want to have an even more intense revenge. But it all got over too soon, and that left me longing for a proper closure. But still, the film is great to watch over the weekend, it’s the perfect thriller to give you the chills.

Do watch this one on Disney Plus Hotstar from today.

MM Verdict: 4 stars out of 5