Tonight will be quite a crazy day on Bigg Boss 16, while a new week sets in, it also brings new expectations. This time it is captaincy that Sumbul Touqeer is eyeing, and will cause lots of chaos in the house. While Shalin Bhanot will gang up with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Sumbul won’t like it. Read Bigg Boss 16-day 65 promo here. Also, watch this space for more live updates right here…

11:27 pm: Nimrit asks Tina about the blanket

Nimrit asks Tina about using two blankets and Tina gets offended. They start talking ill about Tina. And Tina continues to sulk.

11:15 pm: Priyanka cries to Archana

After Archana tries to create a misunderstanding between Ankit and Priyanka, the latter starts crying. Later, Archana explains to her why she took Priyanka away from Ankit and left him alone with Soundarya. Ankit comes to console Priyanka, he gives her a hug. Abdu consoles Soundarya who is also crying and feeling betrayed. Archana starts to find her blanket and gets angry at someone exchanging her blanket. Nimrit gets irritated. Tina sleeps outside after the bedroom issue, later Nimrit and Priyanka gossip about this behavior.

11:05 pm: Priyanka questions Ankit if she treats him unfairly

Priyanka talks to Ankit and tells him that he is going great. She complains that he only expects people to do things for him. Archana creates a scene over rotis being wasted. Stan is low and Abdu, Shiv, and Nimrit try to cheer him up. Priyanka talks to Soundarya about how Sajid supported Ankit at his convenience. Soundarya starts to cry. Archana and the ladies confront Ankit over his decision. Ankit talks to Soundarya alone, and Archana poisons Priyanka. Priyanka gets irritated and loses her cool on Archana. The topic gets stretched for no reason, and Priyanka gets upset. Archana goes to console Priyanka who is crying.

10:58 pm: Soundarya informs Shalin about Tina

Soundarya expresses displeasure over Tina asking her to share the bed with Shalin. They confront Tina and she says that Soundarya is thinking too much. Tina also gets irked and says she will ask Ankit to change her bedroom. Nimrit tells Shiv about her conversation with Bigg Boss. Tina tells Shalin she is upset with him for not siding with her, Shalin walks out and Tina gets angry. Shalin tells her to be relaxed with her since he lost his captaincy. Abdu informs Nimrit and Shiv how Sajid’s health will get affected working for Ankit.

10:50 pm: Tina points out Shalin’s stupidity

Shalin and Tina have a discussion about losing the task. Tina gets irritated over Shalin letting Priyanka win. Sajid talks to Sumbul about what Tina was saying about her. Soundarya tells Shalin about how Tina asked her share the bed with Shalin.

10:42 pm: Archana and Shiv argue over bathing turns

While Shalin teases Soundarya for using his towel, Archana argues with Shiv and Shalin over going for a bath. Bigg Boss calls Nimrit into the confession room, and they discuss how Ankit saved Sajid. BB warns Nimrit to get more active in the game. He tells her to start playing the game for herself and not to trust anyone. Soundarya complains to Ankit for not choosing her as a favorite. Priyanka talks to Ankit about saving Sajid. Nimrit talks to Shalin about Sumbul.

10:36 pm: Ankit becomes the new captain

Bigg Boss tells Ankit to put mud on Priyanka’s photo, he hesitates but eventually puts it. Everyone has a burst of hearty laughter. Ankit is asked to allocate new bedrooms to the contestants. He chooses Priyanka and Sajid as his favorites and saves them from nominations. Tina, Shalin, and Soundarya get a room of three, and Stan, Abdu, and Sumbul get a room of four. Others get a room of six.

10: 30 pm: Priyanka eliminates Shalin from the race

After Sumbul declares Priyanka as the winner of the second round, Shalin gets eliminated from the captaincy race. Nimrit tells Sumbul how she told Shalin to be smart, Tina points out where Shalin went wrong in the task. Shalin becomes the sanchalak of the new round. Shalin flips again and declares Ankit as the winner.

10:20 pm: Shalin wins the first round

Shalin wins the first round of the captaincy task and eliminates Sumbul from the race. Shiv and Priyanka get back to arguing. Sumbul and Priyanka get into an argument. Priyanka, Ankit, and Shalin have a discussion. Sumbul becomes sanchalak for the next round. Tina tells Shalin to throws Priyanka’s clothes. Priyanka and Shalin get into a fight.

10:10 pm: Tina starts plotting against Sumbul

The captaincy task begins and Tina starts pitching against Sumbul. Shiv gets angry at Priyanka for cheating and then an argument begins. Sumbul complains about them ganging up against her. Soundarya gets angry at Sajid Khan for helping Sumbul too much. Nimrit passes judgment and Bigg Boss gets irritated at her. Nimrit declares that Priyanka is evicted from the task. There is lots of confusion and there is no clarity.

10: 00 pm: Shalin starts pitching for his captaincy

After the day starts on a regular note, we see Shalin going and pitching to Shiv about his captaincy. Tina compliments Ankit and tells him how she is loving his look. Archana is teasing Ankit and he plays along. Bigg Boss announces the new captaincy task.

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