The Bigg Boss 16 house has seen a lot over the past two weeks, people changing, friendships changing, relationships changing. One thing however stays is the electrifying drama. And oh how it keeps me glued. With Ankit Gupta as the new house captain, a lot is about to change. Incase you missed the latest episode, check it out here at Bigg Boss 16 6th December Day 66 Live Written Updates. We saw some contestants get nominated while some were saved by Ankit, read more to find out how all of this unraveled.

The morning starts with a bang, with Archana Gautam claiming that Tina Datta seems to have taken bread from her room. Tina then questions Soundarya Sharma as to how she was allowed to take coffee from someone else’s personal ration. Tina asks Soundarya to talk to the walls admits all of this. Archana then claims there is too much food made, and Soundarya claims that Archana cribs all the time about everything.

Sajid, Nimrit, Shiv, MC Stan and Abdu get quiet as Sumbul walks in and claims that she has done something wrong. Shiv asks her to think twice before doing something and asks her not to backstab anyone. Everyone acts suspicious while Abdu can’t contain his laughter. Anyone who saw this could’ve understood this was a prank, except for Sumbul, who ends up crying.

Bigg Boss then asks the housemates why everyone has been laying down, is the captain affecting everyone’s behaviour, clearly targeting Ankit’s habit of falling asleep during the day.. Bigg Boss then asks the housemates about Dayans which stirs talks and guesses among everyone. This is then proceeded by them going to the activity area and Bigg Boss annouces that Ankit, their new captain is held captive by a Dayan. He then allows him to pick 6 members who will have the power to nominate 6 people, who will further nominate 2 people among them. He then picks, Priyanks, Shalin, Soundarya, Archana, Shiv and Sumbul.

The nomination begins with Priyanka nominating Sumbul and Nimrit, while Soundarya nominates Tina and Sumbul. Archana’s nomination was a surprise to no one as she calls out Tina’s name followed by Nimrit. Shalin, Sumbul, Tina and Nimrit are nominated at the end of the task. Priyanka calls Archana’s reasons fair and good, while Ankit calls it masala. The contestants gather around to discuss why one had nominated the other.

Abdu confesses to Shiv, that he misses his parents. He also says how he has always been there for people when they are sad, but when he is sad no one asks about him or comforts him. He also points out how Nimrit and Shiv are always talking in hindi and he always feels left out. Shiv promises him that he will be more careful the next time and look out for him more actively.

Tina questions Shalin as to how he is her strength and tells him that he is putting her down and making her look weak by asking others to go out of their way for her when she is upset, while she has never asked for the same. This could be one reasons why Tina looks dependent on Shalin for everything. Shalin goes to sleep outside their allotted room after getting upset with Tina, while she tries to convince him to come back into their room to sleep.

How will this night end for Tina and Shalin? Or more interestingly, what will tomorrow bring for them? Stay tuned for more updates right here, also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

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