After witnessing an amazing press conference for IIFA Awards 2023 which is taking place from May 26, 2023, I am very thrilled to see things coming into action. Yes, IIFA will happen from the 10th to the 11 of February at Yas Islands in Abu Dhabi. While we all gear up to witness an exciting event, let me tell you, this time the IIFA Rocks evening is what I am looking forward to the most. An evening where musicians perform live on stage will have an impressive lineup of artists, namely, Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi, DJ Nucleya, and Badshah who will treat us to a spectacular performance. Recently, I spoke to DJ Nucleya about his stage performance at IIFA Rocks and he seemed quite thrilled about it.

Talking about his association with IIFA Nucleya shared,

I have worked with IIFA once very long ago, but with new music coming in and IIFA happening its cool to be part of it. The people at IIFA are very open minded and enthusiastic about being able to explore new possible boundaries creatively. And that is something I find really important as an artist. In terms of ideas, concepts, production, you can just literally throw anything at them without thinking twice. They will do anything to make all those things a reality.

In all my enthusiasm, I even asked Nucleya about his upcoming performance at IIFA Rocks, and carefully sharing details that he could, the music producer told me…

My performance is very elaborate, there is a lot of stuff we are trying to work with visually and musically. The idea is to leave my performance deeply imprinted on everyone’s mind, very systematically and conceptually.

He even shared what makes performing at IIFA so special…

There is always an excitement to go and perform outside because you get to interact with a new culture, a new set of people, a different energy and vibe. The core is always deeply rooted with Indian music, films, and culture. It is a beautiful way to interact with different cultures in such a beautiful way, so I am very excited.

Well, being a fan of Nucleya, I am also excited to see his performance and I am sure it will be a night to remember. I am totally bracing myself for February 2023.