With every added twist in the Bigg Boss 16 house, the reality show gets more interesting. This week we have witnessed some of the biggest fights happening. From Vikkas Manaktala and Archana Gautam going on each other to Shalin Bhanot pushing the chairs in the house, that’s just a per cent of what’s happened in the house this week. Sumbul Toqueer stood up for herself against Shalin and certainly showed that she isn’t weak. If you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 89 Highlights here. The ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ is here and Salman Khan is right in time to put everyone in place for their behaviour.

Archana has been heavily involved in many of the issues that have arisen in the house. She almost spilt hot water on Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, got personal with Shalin by dragging his wife into the middle of the argument, and cursed Vikkas for never becoming a father, ignorant of the fact that he has lost a child in his life.

Today, Salman bhai finally needs to attend her class on how she speaks personally about others. Bhai believes she has been too out of control in bringing other people’s families into the conversation; she tries to defend herself by claiming that the contestants are always behind her, but Salman is adamant that she has overstepped her bounds and made a mockery of her image. He even states unequivocally that if he has the power to bring her back, he can also send her home. Archana is funny and all but, this kind of behaviour had to be stopped.

Shalin has his own anger issues which I have seen this season. Archana had dragged Shalin’s wife into the conversation which made him really upset and agitated and caused him to start pushing chairs. When Salman questions him on using his words, “Tum kaise do takke ki aurat ho” Shalin is not ready to listen and keeps saying that “somebody who is extremely special to me I can’t take it”. Salman seems to look like he is about to lose his cool. But, I can’t say unless bhai’s epic jacket comes up.

Before the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ gets over I am pretty sure Salman is going to bring back everyone’s senses. But, I really doubt that Shalin and Archana are going to have a change in their behaviour, if they end up being calmer than usual I will be surprised. One person, I want Salman to address is Sajid Khan and his game planning and not to forget that Shalin wanted to save Sumbul and this was exposed at the end of the episode yesterday. It will quite a “Weekend” with these statements coming up.

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