What a week it has been for Bigg Boss 16 contestants. From fights, to make ups, to name calling. This week I’ve seen it all. Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta further discuss their feelings, while Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Choudhary sort their differences. Check out the to know more. With some tears coming your way this episode too, there is also some fun in store with Shekhar Suman interacting with the contestants. Check out the live updates below to find out!

9:03 PM: Tina says she is not leading Shalin

Tina believes that she is not leading Shalin or leading him on. While Shalin discusses the same with Ankit and this behaviour is normal. Soundarya and Nimrit discuss how Tina is not ready to accept her emotions because she is camera conscious.

9:08 PM: Sajid questions Tina about Shalin

Sajid also takes up the topic with Tina, about Shalin. And how it may look what is it to the audience, he also calls their actions childish and stupid. Tina says that it is about her reputation so Sajid asks her to end it then.

9:15 PM: Sahlin talks to Tina about their feelings

Shalin tells Tina that they like each other. Tina puts forth her point of view, that the show is a game for her, while he says that I don’t view the game the same way as her. And asks her that if she genuinely thinks of him as her friend, then what she is doing is wrong. She points out that he is not understanding her point of view.

9:23 PM: Priyanka pours her heart out to Ankit

She tells him how she’s always want Ankit to give her best, and that has happened. She wants some time, and that they should take some to themselves. At the end, he asks Priyanka for a peck on the cheek, to which Priyanka reminds him that they are just friends.

9:35 PM: Shalin and Archana lock horns over cleanliness

Archana points out how the bathrooms are not cleaned and Shalin is not doing his duty. Shalin then lashes out on her while Nimrit intervenes and asks Shalin to end the fight.

9:44 PM: Shekhar Suman imitates MC Stan

Last thing I expected to see was Shekhar Suman imitate MC Shalin. He also talks to the contestants about their personal matter all while rapping. The contestants feel a little targeted, but one thing is for sure, they all seemed to be having a great time watching everyone getting called out.

9:57 PM: Another fight erupts over unwashed utensils

Tina is unwilling to wash the utensil as she was unable to scrape the food off. Priyanka then comes in and washes it easily after which Archana and Priyanka start calling Tina lazy and born with a silver spoon.

10:06 PM: Bigg Boss asks contestants to share what they feel

Bigg Boss feels that the contestants need some emotional support, and the best way would be having a heart to heart with Bigg Boss himself and calls them to the confession room one by one.

10: 19 PM: Shiv tears up

Shiv speaks his heart out and how much his friends mean to him and how he tries his best to support them. He also mentions how this has been a dream for him. It was sweet of him to thank Bigg Boss for doing this and how much it meant to him.

10: 27 PM: Bigg Boss calls Tina and Shalin in together

He makes them read out each other’s horoscope and makes them understand that not to pay attention of the outside world and what they think of them. Tina then speaks out saying how she has been trying to play carefully and she is trying her best to not do so.

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