Everyone seems to be laying low for the past week at the Bigg Boss 16 house, and Bigg Boss is not very pleased with that. He questions the contestants whether it is the new captain- Ankit Gupta‘s energy rubbing of on them, and it very well may be that. Missed out on last night’s episode? Check it out here Bigg Boss 16 7th December Day 67 Highlights. But how can things stay on the low for too long at the Bigg Boss house? Which is why we have a wild card entry today, and it is none other than Sreejita De.

Sreejita’s entry is sure to shake and cause rumble around the house. From what we can see, Tina Datta is not the happiest to have Sreejita back, while Soundarya Sharma cannot seem to contain her excitement. Tina also asks Bigg Boss, was he not happy seeing her live peacefully? Sreejita is here to make a dent, and not only verbally, but also emotionally. As she is also seen hugging Shalin Bhanot at the end of the promo. Will the cracks between Shalin and Tina deepen with Sreejita in the house?

Because we also see Tina and Shalin talking about how things have changed between them, and Shalin believes that since Tina is not grateful and thankless about his actions, it doesn’t make sense to him to be around or with her anymore. Tina gets upset with this statement but accepts it as it, and thanks Shalin for the closure. Will this relationship stay afloat, especially with Sreejita in the house trying to create a drift?

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Shraddha Kapoor My Glamm