With 10 weeks down for Bigg Boss 16, I was wondering why hasn’t a single wild card entered the show. It turns out the makers were making sure to bring in someone who could spice things up and that someone is Sreejita De. In case, you don’t know, Sreejita was the first contestant to get evicted from this season and while she didn’t get a chance to play the game to the fullest, she has re-entered as the first wild card. But before she stepped foot into the house, I had a quick chat with her about her plans for this second inning.

Before you read that, watch the interview Sreejita gave us after her first eviction:

Talking about her experience with Bigg Boss 16, Sreejita said,

Bigg Boss is very entertaining and you get to see the real characters and real faces of different contestants. The real emotions that get involved in the house are very intriguing.

When I asked her if there is a game plan for this time, Sreejita shared…

Yes, a game plan is very important, but equations change every day so you have to plan accordingly every day. I have an adavnatge because I have seen the game from outside and lived inside the house, so I have both the experiences.

As we saw in the promo, it is daggers drawn for Sreejita and Tina, and talking about who she likes and dislikes, the wild card contestant shared…

I like Nimrit because when I was inside we shared a certain bond and I feel she is genuine. I don’t like Tina, it’s quite obvious why, I would be targeting Tina and Stan.

Also commenting on the groups in the house Sreejta stated,

I would like to break the groups that have been formed in the past few weeks. I don’t want to play in groups or be backed up by someone, but I would be on good terms with Shiv, Nimrit, and Sajid because I feel they are genuine and have a strong game.

I am super excited to see how Sreejita will change the game and if you are too, stay tuned right here. Also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

Shraddha Kapoor My Glamm