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Touted as the latest cosmetic trend on instagram and Hollywood celebrities, the Buccal fat removal is that procedure which helps in attaining a Bella Hadid like chiselled cheekbones and sculpted jawline. We all have a buccal fat pads beneath our cheeks that make our face look rounder and fuller giving that “baby face” appearance. While some people prefer a rounder face, some adore a sculpted one. If you fall in the latter category, we have onboarded Dr. Sonia Tekchandani, Celebrity Dermatologist, Founder of Tender Skin International to take you through everything that buccal fat removal is all about.

buccal fat removal
Source: Instagram @bellahadid

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

The fat that is present in our cheeks is known as buccal fat. The procedure of buccal fat
removal suggests removing the fat pads that are responsible for making our face look
fuller. It is like a cheek lift for your face where the excess fat pads are removed and you
look more chiseled.

Why Is There A Sudden Surge In This Procedure?
This trend has been popularized by social media and the likes of celebrities from all over
the world like Adele, Sophie Turner, Dove Cameron, Bella Hadid, Khloe Kardashian, and
many more. Buccal fat removal allows people to lose those extra fats from the face and
get a more sculpted look naturally. It gives a bit of dimension to the cheekbones which
aids in making people look more presentable and confident if they have been conscious
about their face fat.

Is This Procedure Here To stay Or Is It Just A Fad?
Social media certainly plays a huge role in determining such kind of procedures. The
buccal fat removal process has gained quite a lot of importance and people are investing
in this procedure. They are also sharing their experience via social media. This trend is
definitely going to stay for a while as it gives a permanent solution to your face fat.

What Are The Risks Involved?
Some of the potential risks of this procedure are that although it gives an instant
upliftment to the face, it tends to have early aging signs in the patient. Besides, one
might experience infection where the procedure is done or even facial injury. Swelling,
fever, and bleeding are some of the side effects of this procedure if this is not done

An Overview Of What Exactly Happens In The Procedure?

Buccal fat removal is a safe procedure and it must be done at a professional plastic
surgery clinic under the supervision of a plastic surgeon. Make sure that you are going to
the right place and that the doctor under whom you will go through this procedure is
certified to do this particular procedure. It is best to ask for previous case studies and
their results and if possible talk to patients who have done this before to know their
experience for your own reference. During the process, the patient is given local
anesthesia to the face so that no one feels the pain. The plastic surgeon makes an
incision inside the mouth on both sides. It allows the fats pads to be exposed making the
procedure less complicated. After that, the areas are pressed a little more for better
exposure to the fat pads. Gradually, the surgeon cuts and removes the pads from the
face. And finally, the incision is closed by a series of stitches which are usually

What Does The Expert Think Of Buccal Fat Removal?

Experts feel that this is a social media trend and people are excited to try out this new
procedure However, this is a craze among the younger generation but this procedure
may not look good enough after a certain age. The expert personally feels that she would only recommend this procedure for clients who absolutely require such a procedure. She does not recommend this method to everyone rather she advises them to opt for something which is more natural and does not have a permanent effect like this procedure. There are varied options for similar situations and can be discussed with the patient as per their requirement and skin’s suitability.

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind Before Heading For The Procedure?
You need to be aware of the risks associated with the procedure before you decide to
get this. Also, it is best to talk to the doctor and check out the entire procedure, the
precautions, and the after-care you need. The doctor usually takes a photograph of your
face as it helps them to calibrate the process. Moreover, they do a general health
checkup to ensure that you are free from any kind of risk. It is best to stop smoking
before you head on for this procedure.