A few days back we told you guys about how Priyanka Gill the co-founder of Good Glamm Group, has been spearheading this exclusive podcast with Spotify called ‘Dream Launch Scale’. On this podcast, she has been talking to people who have inspiring life stories, of building brands and businesses, and what made them what they are today. While earlier she spoke to Malini Agarwal, you can check that out here. This week the guest was sensational singer Kanika Kapoor who had a candid conversation with Priyanka.

In this episode, Kanika shared her journey as an outsider and how she fought all odds to become the singer she is today. She also shared how her father stood by her in her most challenging times, and how she went from being a housewife to performing in front of 100,000 people in arenas around the world. This was indeed a conversation between two boss ladies. Let me tell you, Priyanka Gill has been an entrepreneur for over a decade now. She founded POPxo, a digital media company in 2014, and then went on to start Plixxo, an influencer marketing company in 2018, ever since then; the sky has been her limit. And watching these two amazing women come together on this podcast, was an utter delight!

There were so many things they had to share, here are my favorite highlights for you to read…

1. She started learning music at the age of six because her mother wanted her to. They then noticed her interest in music and took her to a senior guru. She believes it was something that was meant to happen, and that she owes her music to her guruji, Late Pandit Ganeshprasad Mishra.

2. She had her first child at 20 and had three kids before 25. Kanika found it very overwhelming at first, but after she had them, she wanted to explore her interest in fashion and decided to go to Highstreet in London and try on brands for fun, before she knew it, she became very involved in it.

3. She also got a call from Vogue India, saying they want to do a shoot with her and her kids, at her home in London and that is when she started attending Milan and Paris fashion week. She later went on to walk ramps for mainstream international designers.

4. Kanika started singing again 8-9 years after her marriage. She bought a karaoke set, locked herself in a room, and sang for hours. That is when she realized that this is what made her happy at the age of 30. At the same time, she went through a divorce, which she calls ‘a dark patch in her life’, and claims that is when her journey in music started.

5. Two years after Jugni came out, she got a call from Balaji, who told her that they had a song, but a really low budget. She was worried about her flight tickets and children back home, but her father was keen on her kickstarting her music career so he insisted that she goes. She recorded the song in Mumbai and flew back. Eight months later they called her to inform her that the song would be released. The song went on to become a hit, and she never looked back from then onwards.

6. She later went on to sing Lovely for Deepika Padukone in Happy New Year, and was asked to join them on a world tour. Within 6 months she went on to never performing to perform in front of 30 to 40 thousand people in an arena. She then realized that she needs to learn how to entertain people and went through rigorous practice for it.

7. When asked about her recent marriage and finding love. She said, she believes that we’ve always been loved. By our parents, grandparents, friends, and siblings, and how there will always be people in your life who will love you, and you have to recognize it. More than finding love, she learned to feel and accept the love she was getting and started giving love back.

It truly is a very inspiring story on how to never give up on your dreams and live them despite the challenges life throws at you. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, make sure you tune in too by clicking on the link below.