Chris Hemsworth, renowned for his portrayal of the iconic Marvel character Thor, has consistently delivered blockbuster movies that have mindblown the audiences. These films have consistently impressed, taking viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions. Recently, Chris admitted to being completely unaware of what lies ahead for Thor in the upcoming years, emphasizing that no official plans have been confirmed yet. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Chris Hemsworth admitted that he doesn’t know what the future holds for Thor and doesn’t want to overdo his appearances on screen, avoiding the audience rolling their eyes. He expressed his excitement of playing the character in various ways throughout his journey and how much he has loved it. While “Thor: Love and Thunder” received mixed reviews, it still became a blockbuster hit that captivated viewers worldwide. Chris also expressed his desire for Thor’s potential return in a fifth movie, but there is currently no confirmed news about it. He also shared how his son’s friends are his biggest critics, providing him with honest feedback, which is quite adorable. Personally, I hope he returns with a new Thor movie, and I really enjoyed “Love and Thunder’ and  I’m eagerly anticipating his grand comeback.

As a huge Marvel fan, I really want to see Thor in lots of upcoming MCU movies. I hope he comes back to give us the same intense and emotional experience with his amazing acting.