It’s always exciting to watch movies that are made from a page of memories ripped right out of your childhood. As kids, Barbie, Ken, the dollhouse – all of it meant happiness! And to now watch it all come to life (literally!) on the big screen, sure can bring out the child in you. Tying these little memories, interpretations and nostalgia together along with some hilarious dialogues and satire is what Greta Gerwig lays Barbie‘s foundation on. The highlight of this Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling starrer definitely being the pick of stereotypes being slammed with satires and powerful dialogues and of course, Ken.

In Barbie’s perfect world, where joy, love and friendships exist, seeps in some bitter emotions, changing her life. The film then revolves around Barbie getting her ‘perfect life’ back, and reality hitting Ken and her one ‘societal norm’ at a time. Margot Robbie excels as she portrays the character of Barbie, while Ryan Gosling makes everyone sit and take notice of Ken and his emotions, that was quite neglected and often taken for granted. The shift of the audience’s attention from the first part of the film being focused entirely on Margot to Ryan in the second half is quite evident. America Ferrera’s monologue about womanhood is so good, convincing and heartfelt that it had the audience hooting all the way.

Greta Gerwig along with her partner, Noah Baumbach, definitely did achieve success in addressing the unrealistic stereotypes expected out of women based on a doll. Along with these stereotypes, it is the remedies that is applaudable and can work as a gentle reminder too. For a weekend watch, Barbie is definitely an entertaining watch that’ll heighten almost all of your emotions.