Bigg Boss OTT 2 has reached its final week. After spending over weeks in the house remaining contestants are Jiya Shankar, Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, Bebika Dhurve, Abhishek Malhan, and Pooja Bhatt. The top 3 finalists are Abhishek, Pooja, and Bebika, while Manisha, Elvish, and Jiya are up for potential eviction. A special guest visited the house to uplift their spirits and add more spice.

Here are top 5 updates from the recent episode…

1. Uorfi Javed Enters The House

Uorfi Javed entered the house as a guest and surprised the contestants. She came and complimented Manisha Rani first and told her that she was her favourite. Uorfi gathered the contestants in the hall and made all of them decide that if they had to choose one recycled product from the house and make it their finale costume what would they choose and why.

2. Uorfi Advices Bebika Dhurve

Uorfi Javed gives advice to Bebika Dhurve and tells her that she pokes a lot and should let things go. She adds that when Elvish Yadav had apologised to her she should’ve forgiven him because it was genuine and it would make her a better person. She also added and said that with time she’ll learn and that she’s doing great. Uorfi jokes and said she’ll make a needle dress for her because she has a habit of poking everyone.

3. Who Do The Contestants Think Will Win?

Uorfi asks contestants who they’ll think will win and who is the most deserving. Manisha, Elvish, and Jiya said Abhishek is the most deserving. Pooja said that Elvish is because Abhishek has pride and Elvish keeps Abhishek’s game going strong because of the competition. Abhishek said that he thinks by game Manisha should win but by heart, Elvish should win.

4. Jiya Shankar Gets Emotional

Jiya gets emotional while talking to Abhishek and rants about what Uorfi told her. Uorfi compared her to brinjal and told her she keeps switching sides as per her convenience and also called her relationship with Abhishek ‘fake.’ Uorfi also tells Jiya that she shouldn’t have done hurt Avinash or Jad because they’ve always been there for her. Jiya tells Abhishek that people tell her to concentrate on the game and when she does that she gets picked on for it. She opens up about feeling bad since the last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode.

5. Manisha Rani Gets Emotional

Manisha gets emotional and cries because in the garden area, she’s having a conversation with Elvish, Jiya, and Abhishek and Elvish speaks about how he doesn’t like what she said about his girlfriend. He also rants about this to other contestants which makes Manisha emotional and she cries. Manisha tells Abhishek she felt bad about what he said.

This episode 52 of Bigg Boss OTT 2 was chaotic and added more twists as Uorfi comes and spices things up in the house. This week one contestant will be evicted and I’m really looking forward to seeing who that will be.