Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss OTT 2 which is set to end on August 14. Contestants had an isolated experience without tech or loved ones for weeks. The latest episode revealed the final five and a surprise mid-week and eviction. Travel vloggers entered the house to spice things up. The episode had many interesting moments that kept viewers engaged.

Here are top 5 updates of the latest episode…

1. Elvish Yadav And Abhishek Malhan’s Conversation

Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan get into a bit of an argument because Elvish vented to Pooja Bhatt that he felt bad about the statement where Abhishek said that he won’t consider Elvish a winner even if he wins because of the wild card factor. Elvish even confronts Abhishek on this topic again and Abhishek clarifies that he meant it because Abhishek has had a longer journey and he also feels that Elvish doesn’t put out a lot of his opinions even if he feels strongly about something. Elvish clarifies how he’s not that type of person to keep giving opinions if not needed.

2. Travel Vloggers Enter The House

In this task, travel vloggers entered the house with their phones/cameras and the contestants had to take them around the house while they vlog it. Anunay Sood and Mohita Manocha visited the house separately and vlogged while the contestants gave them a tour. The guests even took them through their journey in the house and discussed many topics regarding that.

3. Who Do The Contestants Think Will Win

Mohit Manocha asks the contestants who they feel will be the last two people in the game and the majority answered Elvish and Manisha would be. When being asked individually who they think will win, Jiya jokes and answers how everyone will take Manisha and Elvish’s names. Pooja even added and said that she feels like Elvish entered late but he got a great level of game to this house and deserves to win.

4. Mid-Week Eviction

Before the eviction announcement, Bigg Boss made a big scrapbook which Bebika flipped pages of, and in that scarp book, there was a message on each page surrounded by pictures from the moments of the house. At the end of the book, there was a sticker which Abhishek peeled off and it revealed that Jiya is evicted. She gets teary-eyed and hugs all the contestants goodbye and wishes them luck. The contestants also get emotion bidding her goodbye and pouring their love to her.

5. Abhishek Malhan And Manisha Rani’s Conversation

After the eviction, Abhishek gets emotional while sitting with Manisha about two things. He first mentions how he won’t be around these people after Bigg Boss ends and how the music won’t be there every morning etc. He also gets worried about the finale and if he’ll win or not. Manisha tells him that if the audience loves him and he’s doing well he’ll definitely win and not to worry about it right now.

The competition is getting more intense each day in Bigg Boss OTT 2 as the final week proceeds. The top 5 finalists are Abhishek, Elvish, Manisha, Bebika, and Pooja. Each day the contestants have new tasks to do and entertain which is getting more and more interesting as Monday approaches. I’m really looking forward to what the last few days have in store