Last week, Farhan Akhtar dropped a cinematic bombshell that had everyone talking – Don 3 is officially in the works! And guess what? He now revealed the dazzling Ranveer Singh as the new face of Don, sending the internet into surprise. Ranveer’s style and dialogue won hearts, making fans go gaga. But not everyone was immediately onboard the hype train. The audience online compared the teaser and Ranveer Singh to Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan as Don. Farhan Akhtar has now addressed the doubters, and spices things up by spilling some beans on the movie’s shoot schedule.

During a recent chat with BBC Asian Network, the director spilled the beans on why they picked Ranveer Singh for the new Don. It turns out even Ranveer Singh was a bit jittery about fitting into Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan’s shoes as is a big responsibility.

Farhan Akhtar said this during the chat…

I’m just really looking forward to get it going. I mean Ranveer is amazing. He’s great for the part. He’s also as you can imagine, really excited and really nervous, about the thing you’re filling some big shoes before you. But we went through the same emotional process when Shah Rukh did it and everyone was like ‘Oh my God, how can you replace Mr. Bachchan?.’ That whole thing happened then.

Ranveer Singh has himself penned down a note speaking about how he does not want to disappoint the audience or SRK and Amitabh himself. Farhan Akhtar also opened up about Ranveer Singh taking up the role and how he is confident Ranveer will ace it.

Farhan Akhtar added during the conversation…

It really is about an actor coming in and owning the part and making it really like, giving it their style and their flair. And he has that, he has that in spades. So, he’s going to do a great job. I think the responsibility is more mine now to make sure that the script and the film works out the way I imagine.” Farhan was also asked what qualities made for a good Don to which he replied, “self confidence, flamboyance and the ability to do anything that your mind is set on

It’s quite refreshing to witness Farhan Akhtar openly addressing the online trolls and acknowledging the comparisons being drawn. Personally, I was highly impressed by the teaser of Don 3. It’s interesting to observe a fresh start with the introduction of a new character as Don and Ranveer’s contribution seems to add a unique flair to the project!