Saif Ali Khan stands as one of Bollywood’s most skilled actors and has done a variety of films ranging from Love Aaj Kal to Cocktail to Dil Chahta Hai and has aced it in every film of his. Today marks the celebration of Saif Ali Khan’s birthday and on this special occasion Kareena penned a heartfelt message for her ‘Ultimate Lover.’

Here is what Kareena Kapoor Khan posted…

Kareena Kapoor Khan took to Instagram recently and posted a heartfelt message for Saif Ali Khan which has stolen the hearts of the audience. Kareena mentioned how Saif has selected the picture himself and pours out her heart in the message. She says “He chose the picture I could post on Instagram…even though he’s in front of me smiling away…and why not?it’s his birthday…May you always be this relaxed my jaan.”The picture shared looks like that from their vacation and Kareena and Saif are seen in swimwear. Their adorable bond and the milestones they’ve shared make this birthday wish all the more touching.

Here are some updates on Kareena and Saif’s recent vacation

Kareena and Saif are truly adorable love birds and looking at these pictures I feel like going on a vacation too! Saif’s legacy in Indian cinema continues to inspire and delight audiences of all ages. I cannot wait to see Saif and Kareena back on screen together again after their stellar performances as a couple in the previous films.