The electrifying teaser of ‘Don 3’ has set the stage for Ranveer Singh’s daring portrayal of the iconic character Don. Farhan Akhtar’s reaction to Ranveer Singh’s capabilities has eased doubts, while the surprise addition of Kiara Advani to the cast adds a twist. Farhan’s masterful casting hints at a fresh casting leaving fans buzzing with anticipation about her role. Farhan has now reacted to Kiara Advani being featured in ‘Don 3’ and has revealed interesting facts.

Here is the teaser of Don 3…

In the BBC Asia interview, Farhan Akhtar reacts to the question asked which was who is the female lead in the interview. To this, Farhan reacted not revealing much about the name but hinting at an announcement soon.

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In this interview Farhan Akhtar said…

Well it’s all work in progress. I don’t wanna get ahead of myself and say something that I may have to take back for any other reason but as and when it happens, you’ll know.

Earlier there has been a report from Pinkvilla about Kiara Advani taking on a negative role in this film and will not step into Priyanka Chopra’s shoes as Roma. I am eagerly awaiting the announcement of the female cast and it would be great to see Kiara in a new role of a negative character which would be a change from her regular characters.

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